I'm still alive!

You guys! I can't believe it's been four flippin' years since I have blogged here on the Mele Manor.

After saying Farewell here, I moved over to Maddie's Lens. Unfortunately, I'm afraid a lot of you didn't move over with me! Sad day! I've missed you over there!

I have gone through so much in my life since last I posted here. It's an incredible miracle I'm actually still alive, able to write and share this post with you. You can read what I'm talking about here.

Join me on Maddie's Lens if you still want to keep up. See you there!



We are saying farewell to year 2013! What a wonderfully hard year this was for our family. But we have learned the most from it. I believe that the Lord burns us down so he can raise us back up how He wants us to be. That's kind of been the theme of this year for our family.
I'm sure all of our life will be a continuing refining process.

Another farewell I want to make is one to this blog. I've enjoyed blogging the past few years and it's been a great way for me to post a few things here and there about our family for everyone to see.

I'm going to spend more time with those who I love. I encourage you to do the same.

This is a farewell to the blog, not to you! If you want to know how our family is doing, give me a call or send me a message. I'd love to have a conversation with you.


Early December's Ice Storm

Earlier this month we experienced the "wrath" of the winter storm named Cleon. Why this snow storm had a name, I don't know. But anyway. It did. It turned out to be a pretty intense ice storm. With enough ice on roads and powerlines to shut down the most part of the state for nearly a week. So we hung out at home. Going no where. (well, big Jed went to work... but that's about it)
The first morning the snow started to fall we made delicious pumpkin pancakes. They are oober doober good.
I always dislike taking pictures of food cooking on my stove. Because it shows you how much time I DONT spend cleaning it. Sorry, folks.
By the end of the morning, snow/sleet had completely covered the ground. And there was a good amount of freezing rain layered on the roads.  I love how quiet it is outside when winter weather rolls through.
We all stayed in our jammies for the entire week. I'm kind of exaggerating, but I'm kind of not.
We took the opportunity to decorate our Christmas tree. This isn't the final product, I ended up adding some pretty mesh to the tree too. But this is what it looked like after the kids helped put up the ornaments. They love decorating Christmas trees. All of our ornaments are handmade, gifts, or from when Jed and I were little.
This is the same tree that I decorated when I was itty bitty.
What Christmas would be complete without watching all those classics.  For about two weeks little Jed would walk around and sing "Ralph-poo the red-nosed reinDEEER" I don't know why he kept on pronouncing it that way. It cracked me up every time.

This girls attitude cracks me up.
Yup. I'm pretty much still in my jammies too. No shower or makeup either. Real life, here people.  Harper thinks I'm funny looking.

I noticed the other day Robbie's growing a unibrow. By the time he is 5 years old he will look like Wolverine. Which, on second thought, wouldn't be so bad. I wouldn't mind having a miniature-Hugh Jackman running around my house.

Even though I loved being iced-in with my family... by the end of the week I was getting cabin fever. And so were the kids. We were all turning a bit loopey. I'm still recuperating from it, honestly.

I'm so excited for Christmas. I love feeling the joy of the Savior's birth!
I hope you are spending quality time with those you love, and take an hour or so to reflect on the reason we celebrate Christmas!

As a tiny side note, yesterday was December 21st- winter solstice. I'm relieved that more sunshine is on it's way. Five minutes more each day.


Thanksgiving: Food and Family

Yesterday we gathered together to eat good food with those we love. I think Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite holidays. Food and Family, what could be better?
All of the leaves falling, and the beautiful colors. Nature is getting ready to strip away some of the growth of this year, lay it down and rest, and start anew next year.

It seriously is one of the hardest meals of the year to wait for...

But, oh boy! When the food was ready, these kids just ate, and ate...
And ate....
I ate so much yesterday I started to have chest pain! My heart has been fluttering all day today. It's saying to me: too. many. delicious. calories!!
The whole time Harper kept squealing anytime anyone walked close to the dessert bar, in hopes that someone, ANYONE, would give her another piece of something delicious! She just didn't understand why she couldn't eat all that dessert she could see. She is definitely my child. No stop button. She would have devoured ALL the pumpkin bars if I would have let her.

It's so awesome to see much the kids grow from each family get together. The difference is just incredible.

Here is Harper yesterday with Aunt Lauren:
and here they are a little more than six months ago:
Harper was such a pale bald little thing. Ha.


Summer time... where did you go?

Here we come to another autumn. Summer time, where did you go?
Are you in there?

Harper is determined to find you!

I hope this year has been a great one for you so far. This has truly been one of the hardest years of my life. Yet it has moved the quickest. This next year will be one full of excitement for our family. I can feel it in the crisp air. Things are changing. I can feel myself becoming a more confident person. I feel capable, empowered, and determined. 

No more false limitations and unrealistic expectations.


Halloween with Perfectionate

I found a bat in my kitchen this morning! 

My sister Heidi sent photo props for us to play with this Halloween! She runs the etsy shop Perfectionate. She just recently had her 1000th sale! 
I am oober excited for you Heidi and wish for 1,000 more sales at least! Love you!


Harper learns how to walk

Harper learns how to walk. Well, she has known for a while, but she is really making good use of it. And, thankfully, she is finally able to recognize friend from foe when it comes to rocks and sticks. She now knows it not's a good thing to put rocks, sticks, and leaves in the mouth when mom says "No."
And so...

we took her outside and let her loose.

She had a blast. And Robbie is in the rocks, and Jeddie is with the stroller.
This is how I know FOR SURE that lil Jed is big Jed's son. I ask him to say cheese, and he just sticks out his tongue. This is where I stamp my foot.

I hope you are having a splendid day. Do me a favor and leave a comment. I love hearing from everyone!

Jeddie's Birthday Party!

Lil Jed turned 4! We had such a fun time with his birthday party. Since my mom is my party partner, and her leg is broken- I thought for sure that there was no way that I could pull this off by myself. But my mom was still able to help me and we were able to pull something together. She made the cute banner and helped me decide how to put up decorations.

She also gave me this cute pumpkin idea!
It reminds us of Jeddie and all his facial expressions.

We made him a gluten-free dairy-free cake. Sorghum and millet flour- and the frosting is palm fruit oil shortening. He loved it!

Present time! He loved his presents. Everything except the clothes of course!
Robbie loves it when Jeddie has a birthday, because that means clothes for him too!