The day we became engaged:

We both knew that we wanted to be together forever.  We wanted to get married as soon as possible!  I wanted the ring on my finger as soon as possible too!  However, we still needed to be curteous to my parents,  (that's what he said!)  Even though we had already picked out the ring, he said that he wouldn't buy it till later, and that he wanted to travel to Arkansas to meet my parents and ask for my hand in marriage, the right way.
Boy, was I sad!
One day, in between two of my classes at Brigham Young University Idaho, he said that he wanted to go somewhere on Campus and talk to me, like we always do.  So we walk around, looking for a place to go.  We find a small rock inside the Campus Ricks Gardens with a sweet smelling rose bush nearby.  We sit down together on the rock and start talking about the future. Then his questions got really specific. Questions such as " So is there a beautiful place in Arkansas where I can propose to you."  I peered off into the distance, broken-hearted. 
"Yes,"  I replied. 
"Have you thought about what you are going to say when I ask you?"  He inquired.
 "  Of course, I have thought of it."  I pondered for a moment.  I had to ask the question:
"Have you thought about what you are going to say, how you are going to ask?"  I stared at him, waiting for an answer. My hope was fleeting and time was drawing close to walk back across the campus to another class.  He replied comfortably:
"No."  That was it for me! I couldn't stand it any longer.  And I think he noticed that that was enough teasing about proposal for the day because I said:
"I have to get back to class, will you walk with me?"
"Sure, but I have one more question."  ....  My heart stopped.  He made sure I was still sitting down on the rock.  He stood up, then knelt down in front of me.  He pulled out a small item from his pocket.  At this point it didn't register that that was the ring I had picked out just a week before.  He then said, in a firm, confident voice... holding the item infront of me with one hand:
"Madeline, will you marry me?"  I didn't even answer before I blurted out:
" You're joking!  HOW?!  WHAT?!  I can't believe....!  YOU!   GOOBER!?!"
I jumped on him as he was trying to stand back up.  These mix of words were the only crops of words that could be uttered from my mouth.  My brain was reeling, trying to process the information. I felt like a backed up computer that was trying to download too many things at once. 
Then it hit me.  Look at the ring you goober!  At this point the ring was already on my finger, I gasped for air, for something to say.  It glistened in the bright summer sun.  Yes, just as I had picked out.  I looked up at him, I could tell he was growing impatient:
"Will you say yes?"  It NEVER hit me that I hadn't said yes yet. But yet that was the very word I was searching for! 
"Yes! Yes, yes yes! Of course!"  I'm sure he was embarrased because there were other people in the gardens, watching, giggling at the site of a poor fellow getting trampled by a loud, excited young woman.  But she was a young woman in love!
After things quited down (namely, me), we traveled back towards my class, hand in hand. He said goodbye to me at the doorway inside the Snow Fine Arts Center for my Music History class.

We then parted for one of the very last times.

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