Having Angels as Neighbors

We weren't going to have a Christmas tree this year because we thought we were spending Christmas in California. However, plans did change ( see earlier post) and we were Christmas-tree-less. My sweet neighbor came over and she saw that we didn't have a chrimmus tree so she gave hers to us! Can you believe it!? They won't be home for Christmas so they were sweet enough to let us borrow it!

We are so blessed to have angels as Neighbors


Santa Claus is coming to town early this year!

We are so excited for baby Jed's first Christmas, so we dressed him up! Big Jed wanted his turn as well!

our one year!

Married a year ago today, and in as much love as we were before we were married, we continue to fall even deeper in love. Especially with our little one with us now, our home is so sweet!

I love you, Jed!

Time sure is moving quick!


~what baby dreams are made of~

the burp cloth*

our Christmas plans have changed :(

Well, we were planning on

going to California

for Christmas, however, plans have changed and we have decided to stay home for Christmas. We'll miss Jed's family and they'll miss us... but we'll still enjoy the hOliDaY. I plan on flying out after Christmas to California by myself. Jed's family so badly wants to the little Jed, so why not? So that will be a new adventure. I haven't left Jed's side for a while now, almost a year being married!

Our one year anniversary is coming up soon!

On the 16th of December it will be one year! :) I wonder if we will do anything fun! Do you have any ideas of a fun Anniversary date?


He is Two Months Young!

why do shots have to be so stressful!?
We went to lil Jed's two month appt and all went well until the vaccines... :( poor guy had to suffer and still is I bet. He is so sore, but thankfully he is finally falling asleep.

He weighed in at 13 lbs and 11 oz! He is such a growing boy! 80% of other babies his age in the U.S. are smaller than him.. . :) that makes mommi happy! Who knows how long he is.... I think almost 24inches... either way! BIG BABY ;p

fussy baby too... thank goodness for Infant Tylenol

the burp cloth

I am convinced that my life would be miserable without the burp cloth... I mean, really miserable! Who wants to sport spit up all over there shoulder like some "foe" fur scarf? Definitely not I!
I would much rather wear an adorable embroidered cloth diaper seconding as a burp cloth! My mother has a Brother embroidery machine. It is amazing! I want one so bad! But good thing I don't or else I would be embroidering all my things up the wazoo! (whatever that means)
Oh and did you know they sell the CriCut at WalMart?!!! I want that too! With that heaven-sent machine, anything is possible!!
Want want want, is that all I do all day? Besides!!! This Season is about GIVING! Not recieving! Have you given something to someone today? I gave my husband a kiss, my baby a smile ( and a clean diaper), and my home the crisp scent of pumpkin candle on the dining table...


Ignore the happy couple lol

The pictures all in white are five generations of my family. My great grandmother, grandmother, mother, me, and my son. They were all so happy to see him and visit. My greatgrandmothers eyes got so wide when she saw little Jed for the first time! It was such a precious moment!

p.s. isn't my mom's bed quilt so pretty! i love roses! oh and little Jed is cute too hehehehe


Our Thanksgiving Break!

For this Thanksgiving, we decided to travel to Arkansas!

It was such a looong drive, but we survived. I'm excited to post pictures of our trip later. My sister Heidi was so sweet to take pictures for us. I love you, Heidi!


~day by day~

Aren't these pictures precious? Our baby boy is so sweet and cuddly... He is beginning to sleep more through the night. He used to be the typical newborn (sleep during day and up at night) But through the help of a friend we've gotten it almost switched! My friend let me borrow her book "On Becoming Babywise" It is such a life saver for new mommies that need sleep and a break from the hourly nursing. He only needs to nurse every three hours now. So helpful! In two days, he will be 5 weeks old. Boy does time fly! I hope we can appreciate each moment, even the fussy ones! :p



I caught this picture this morning of one of his first smiles with the camera on my phone. I love his smile! Don't you too? He just started smiling two days ago. :p
3 weeks old today :)
We're so happy about big Jed too! His internship has been very successful! We are so blessed that he had such a good experience. They even offered him a job after he has graduated.


Jedadiah Lambert Mele Jr.

I was not getting any sleep Tuesday night... up and down to the bathroom- contractions getting stronger each time. Then finally at 5:00 in the morning- I knew it was time to go! Jed was sleeping and I had to wake him up-

" Jed, we need to go." "huh?" Of course he's still half asleep.

" Jed, it's time to go to the hospital." "what? why?" hahaa I can't believe it didn't click for the longest time.

Finally he realized I was in labor and helped us get all the bags together and we left at about 5:30 in the morning.

I was always curious what contractions felt like- they were pretty terrible. :p

We weren't sure if we were going to get admitted, and after an hour in the exam room- the doctor was called and we were sent up to labor and delivery. I was 90% effaced and dilated to a 3-4

After two hours in labor and delivery the nurse anesthetist came in and gave me relief! After the epidural started to kick in, I was in heaven. I was soOo happy and could concentrate enough enjoy the day.

At about 3:00 in the afternoon the nurse came in checked to see how dilated I was. I was 100% effaced then the nurse said " guess what, you're a 10" It happened so quick!

The nurse asked me to start pushing with the contractions to help the head move down- after 2 pushes the nurse ran to get the doctor. We were so excited! He was coming so easily and so well. The doctor walked in and told me to push once or twice while he dressed up- then he realized too that this baby was coming FAST! He sat down and I pushed about three more times and then little Jed was born! At 7 pounds 11 ounces 19 inches 13 inches head 13 inches chest. Such a cute, beautiful baby boy. and WHAT A HEAD OF HAIR! It was such a wonderful experience! Big Jed loved the whole thing and helped me push and count so well. I loved it! There were a few times when Jed forgot and kept on counting past 10- thats when I would still be pushing and give him the look of death. haha thinking to myself "why are you having me push harder or longer than I have to?"

Now he is 5 days old. So precious! He has a perfect personality! He's not too fussy, holds his head up very well, and loves to cuddle with mommy!


Jedadiah Lambert Mele Jr.

He is HERE! Oh I love him so much, details on delivery later- just enjoy pictures for now!