babies and cucumbers

I was reading an article online about women in their third trimester and the things they do to stay comfortable during the last few months of pregnancy. They are pretty funny, some that I would do, some that I wouldn't!

"When I take my kids to the beach, I dig a hole in the sand to put my belly in, so I can lie on my stomach again!"

"Get on all fours and let your belly sag down, moving the baby further away from all the organs she's been sitting on."

"If you can't get comfortable in bed, try a different spot. The couch or recliner may be your ticket to a good night's sleep."

"Get naked in front of the air conditioner!"

See what I mean? Anyways, it made me smile!

Our cucumber plants have began to bud flowers, I'm very excited to see what beautiful cucumbers come from these yellow angels! It's amazing how they started out as saplings, and now they are growing vines! They're bigger and longer every day! (I'm sure just like Baby Mele)

It's kind of a cute story how we came up with the name of our first son. One evening I was lying down, just enjoying the baby's kicks- then it hit me (quite literally actually)- I thought to myself "I'm totally carrying a little Jedbo." I've seen videos of my husband while he was younger, and I know our son is going to be so similar! Jed's personality was so cute and adorable (still is, of course) and I want are little boy to be just like him. So Jed Jr. it is!

Oh! I'm so happy that Jed (Sr.) got into the spirit of things today in the grocery store! It was actually his idea to buy diapers and baby wipes "to start stocking up" he said. So cute! I love how he is slowly starting to realize that lil Baby Jed is coming! I'm sure it is harder for fathers to connect with the baby during pregnancy. Mothers have it a little easier! We get very acquainted with the little one growing inside of us amongst the kicks, bathroom trips, back pain, heartburn, and fatigue! God bless our little ones! (and the ones who are brave enough to carry them!)

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