Jed's family

This past 4th of July weekend Jed's family came to visit us! We went to the spectacular firework show put on by Melaleuca every year. Even though Jed's family is far away- we still get to see them often!

Jake, Becca, Tait, Elle and Jed
A thirteen hour drive is well worth spending time with his mom, dad, and awesome brothers and sisters.

Last Memorial Day we went and spent the weekend with them-One of the places we visited was Historic Columbia, California- an old Gold Rush Town. It is so much fun to walk through the old town and participate in the various activities.

In the picture below is Sharon-Jed's mother, his younger sister Elle, older sister Becca, and his wife, Madeline!We had a good time on the horse ride- Jed and his younger brother Tait are going to ride on top!

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