only 13 weeks to go!

I'm quickly approaching the 7th month of carrying Little Jed. The seventh month begins the Third Trimester! yay, almost there!

According to What to Expect When You're Expecting- my uterus is the size of a basketball! It seems like I can't get any bigger, but every morning I'm proven wrong! I still have about 13 weeks of expansion to go!

Jed Jr. is very coordinated in his movements (pedaling his feet and pushing them up against the most inconvenient places)- and he's also developed a strong grip! His eyes can open and close now and react to light.

Hiccups are very common and he loves to give Mommy a strong punch here and there between hiccups. Too bad I can't tell him to stand on his head and drink a glass of milk to get rid of them! He basically already is!

This is BabyCenter's depiction of a fetus at 27 weeks-

Feel free to go visit their site and explore the week by week look at pregnancy!

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