the trip to Arkansas

OH it was so much fun! We drove in Thursday night and stayed till the Friday night the next week. We suprised everybody~ I'm so glad we were able to go because we got to go to my bestfriend Alli's wedding and reception too! I'm so happy for her!

Even though it was such short notice, my family threw me the cutest baby shower for little Jed- it was a great turn out, nearly 25 people I think were there. Little Jed got 36 baby outfits! 36! That's more than I have! I can't wait to go back and visit everyone again at Thanksgiving.

Just six more weeks and he'll be here. Hopefully he doesn't make us wait too long. :)
I'll post more pictures of the trip when I get them ...


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you came too!! I miss you already!
Pops and I are trying to plan our trip for when our sweet baby arrives.. can't wait!! We love you and Jed very much and miss you both..
Don't forget to measure the crib height for the bed skirt.. need to get started on it soon..measure the windows too please..
Love Mom

Allen Family said...

Yeah! So glad you guys have a blog so we can keep in touch, especially when that cute baby of yours joins the world.

Allen Family said...
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