Just Waiting

Last Monday I was dilated to 1- and I've had more contractions since then, so hopefully I'm progressing. Walks in the morning help keep me invigorated for that big day, it's also fun to play the Wii Fit. We can't wait for the day to come, who knows when it will be?
I'm 37 1/2 weeks.. just 17 more days until my due date.

We've gotten everything ready for the baby, we have the car seat- crib- cradle- -changing table- a baby dresser- all the little cute baby clothes!- everything's washed and waiting for baby Jed's arrival home.
Who knows! Maybe Jed Jr. will posing for the next post's photo. :)


Allen Family said...

Yeah! How exciting. Good luck with everything.

Heidi said...

So excited for Baby Jed to come!

I like your new background :)