Jedadiah Lambert Mele Jr.

I was not getting any sleep Tuesday night... up and down to the bathroom- contractions getting stronger each time. Then finally at 5:00 in the morning- I knew it was time to go! Jed was sleeping and I had to wake him up-

" Jed, we need to go." "huh?" Of course he's still half asleep.

" Jed, it's time to go to the hospital." "what? why?" hahaa I can't believe it didn't click for the longest time.

Finally he realized I was in labor and helped us get all the bags together and we left at about 5:30 in the morning.

I was always curious what contractions felt like- they were pretty terrible. :p

We weren't sure if we were going to get admitted, and after an hour in the exam room- the doctor was called and we were sent up to labor and delivery. I was 90% effaced and dilated to a 3-4

After two hours in labor and delivery the nurse anesthetist came in and gave me relief! After the epidural started to kick in, I was in heaven. I was soOo happy and could concentrate enough enjoy the day.

At about 3:00 in the afternoon the nurse came in checked to see how dilated I was. I was 100% effaced then the nurse said " guess what, you're a 10" It happened so quick!

The nurse asked me to start pushing with the contractions to help the head move down- after 2 pushes the nurse ran to get the doctor. We were so excited! He was coming so easily and so well. The doctor walked in and told me to push once or twice while he dressed up- then he realized too that this baby was coming FAST! He sat down and I pushed about three more times and then little Jed was born! At 7 pounds 11 ounces 19 inches 13 inches head 13 inches chest. Such a cute, beautiful baby boy. and WHAT A HEAD OF HAIR! It was such a wonderful experience! Big Jed loved the whole thing and helped me push and count so well. I loved it! There were a few times when Jed forgot and kept on counting past 10- thats when I would still be pushing and give him the look of death. haha thinking to myself "why are you having me push harder or longer than I have to?"

Now he is 5 days old. So precious! He has a perfect personality! He's not too fussy, holds his head up very well, and loves to cuddle with mommy!


Allen Family said...

Ohhhhh congratulations you guys! He is just perfect. So happy it wasn't "too" bad of a labor (yes, contractions are pretty terrible). But once you see that beautiful baby nothing else matters. Can't wait to see more pictures and to meet the little guy. Love to you all!

Amy & Jacob said...

Awe Maddie! I'm so happy for you guys! He's a cutie! I'm glad everything went smoothly for ya! keep us posted!

Heidi said...

So sweet! I bet you are the best new mommy ever! Can't wait to hold him!

Liana said...

yay! I'm so glad it went well! I'm always especially glad to hear when the epidural works for mommies... as mine didn't... woohoo! Let me know if you need anything! We've had colds for like the last month or two straight, but are finally finishing getting over them. :)