Ignore the happy couple lol

The pictures all in white are five generations of my family. My great grandmother, grandmother, mother, me, and my son. They were all so happy to see him and visit. My greatgrandmothers eyes got so wide when she saw little Jed for the first time! It was such a precious moment!

p.s. isn't my mom's bed quilt so pretty! i love roses! oh and little Jed is cute too hehehehe


Our Thanksgiving Break!

For this Thanksgiving, we decided to travel to Arkansas!

It was such a looong drive, but we survived. I'm excited to post pictures of our trip later. My sister Heidi was so sweet to take pictures for us. I love you, Heidi!


~day by day~

Aren't these pictures precious? Our baby boy is so sweet and cuddly... He is beginning to sleep more through the night. He used to be the typical newborn (sleep during day and up at night) But through the help of a friend we've gotten it almost switched! My friend let me borrow her book "On Becoming Babywise" It is such a life saver for new mommies that need sleep and a break from the hourly nursing. He only needs to nurse every three hours now. So helpful! In two days, he will be 5 weeks old. Boy does time fly! I hope we can appreciate each moment, even the fussy ones! :p