the burp cloth

I am convinced that my life would be miserable without the burp cloth... I mean, really miserable! Who wants to sport spit up all over there shoulder like some "foe" fur scarf? Definitely not I!
I would much rather wear an adorable embroidered cloth diaper seconding as a burp cloth! My mother has a Brother embroidery machine. It is amazing! I want one so bad! But good thing I don't or else I would be embroidering all my things up the wazoo! (whatever that means)
Oh and did you know they sell the CriCut at WalMart?!!! I want that too! With that heaven-sent machine, anything is possible!!
Want want want, is that all I do all day? Besides!!! This Season is about GIVING! Not recieving! Have you given something to someone today? I gave my husband a kiss, my baby a smile ( and a clean diaper), and my home the crisp scent of pumpkin candle on the dining table...

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Tyler and Kelly said...

I JUST GOT A CIRCUT! You will have to come up moreeeee