He is Two Months Young!

why do shots have to be so stressful!?
We went to lil Jed's two month appt and all went well until the vaccines... :( poor guy had to suffer and still is I bet. He is so sore, but thankfully he is finally falling asleep.

He weighed in at 13 lbs and 11 oz! He is such a growing boy! 80% of other babies his age in the U.S. are smaller than him.. . :) that makes mommi happy! Who knows how long he is.... I think almost 24inches... either way! BIG BABY ;p

fussy baby too... thank goodness for Infant Tylenol

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Our Happy Family said...

I always hated taking Baylee in for her shots. Thank goodness she would cry when they gave her the shot and then it never failed the rest of the day she was completely fine and happy. Go figure! I can't believe Jed is 2 months old now, wow. I wish I could have seen him more at church when you were here. Glad your all doing good.