the trip to Arkansas

OH it was so much fun! We drove in Thursday night and stayed till the Friday night the next week. We suprised everybody~ I'm so glad we were able to go because we got to go to my bestfriend Alli's wedding and reception too! I'm so happy for her!

Even though it was such short notice, my family threw me the cutest baby shower for little Jed- it was a great turn out, nearly 25 people I think were there. Little Jed got 36 baby outfits! 36! That's more than I have! I can't wait to go back and visit everyone again at Thanksgiving.

Just six more weeks and he'll be here. Hopefully he doesn't make us wait too long. :)
I'll post more pictures of the trip when I get them ...


Baby Jed at 32 weeks :)

Little Jed is the size of a large jicama, (who has ever eaten one of those?) almost four pounds now! Only 8 weeks to go! Doctor visits are every 2 weeks, but I'm sure soon they will go to every week. We have a crib coming, so it will be nice for the baby room to actually have a baby crib in the baby room. My mother and grandmother are making the crib bedding. Little Jed's nursery will be green and white toile. He's going to have a really cute room! Decorating for baby is so much fun!


Sorry for taking this picture through the window of the car.. they're humongous bison! or are they buffalo? I can't tell the difference.

just some pictures of our trip to Yellowstone last Saturday.


31 weeks!

a quick crop of BabyCenter's drawing of a fetus at 31 weeks:

We are so excited about Jed Jr! It seems like the weeks truly are flying by, (let's just hope they go by quicker!) About 9 more weeks to go until he comes! He should be around 3.3 lbs- four navel oranges! and is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, and his arms, legs, and body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin.



I love these pictures! Fun days-Summer of 2008 during school at Jed's apartment. We were about to make sandwiches when an international student came in with his camera wanting a picture of the happy couple!
Jed and his brother Jake met at an airport in Brasil while on their missions! How neat is that!


It's fun to scrapbook old pictures! This particular picture was taken in February maybe? We used to have two adorable kittens, Misty and Hunter- they were so much fun, but a lot of work too! We loved them!


30 weeks! Oh when will it end?

Little Jed rivals a good-size cabbage and has tipped the scale at nearly 3 pounds now! However, despite this fact, I still feel like little Jed is and forever will be a Watermelon.
This is BabyCenter's depiction of a fetus at 30 weeks-
the best part- he will only get bigger! I still have about 10 more weeks of pillows, tums, and a ringless ring finger! What a wonderful feeling.... ahhh the joys of pregnancy.
We're sure he will be a cutie pie!