*counting cross-stitch*

I feel a sense of accomplishment whenever I finish a project, however with cross-stitch, I feel accomplished just getting one word done! It's a lot of fun. I hope I can come across some cute patterns online or in stores that teach you how to do things like flowers and such. I bet I could find some if I did some digging! All I would have to do is google it! :) Thank you Gooooogle! Or if I wanted to, I could Bing it, but that doesn't sound as cool yet.

This pattern came from a book called Words of Wisdom in counted cross-stitch. I borrowed them from my mother-in-law. I bet I could find something with pretty cursive, because these quotes are mostly capital block letter. But thats ok, because they have pretty borders that come along with them. The best part about this book of patterns is that you can switch out a border with a quote... What I mean is... is if you don't like the border that goes with that quote, you can just look for a different one that you do look and switch! Of course you have to make sure they're similar sizes... but that's not hard because they are all pretty much similar. There are only 3 different sizes I think.

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