Lazy Sunday Morning

I love lazy Sunday mornings. We wake up to the sun shining, not the alarm clock whining. Breakfast is made, tummies get full... stay in pajamas and play with the baby! I love my family. Aren't the Jeds just too cute together!

Ok, Update! Baby Jed for some reason(not complaining) is falling asleep so much better than before. It used to be a pain to try to convince him that it was "okay" to take a nap. He would toss and turn, wriggle and worm, and cry his little heart out.

However, these passed couple of days he just whines, looks at you- then smiles and dozes to blissful naptime. Naptime that lasts for at least an hour! Talk about a break for Maddie Mommi. Thank you, Baby Jed! (or is it the Sand Man I should be thanking.)

And great! Right when he sleeps more during the day and night, I can't sleep. Oh boy...

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Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of the 2 Jeds!! I miss you guys much!!! Kiss those cheeks for me!!
Love mom