Well, there hasn't been very much going on lately in the Mele Manor. We're just enjoying each day. Daddy goes to school and work and baby and Mommy stay home and play together. Baby Jed's naps are becoming even smoother and smoother... there are a few rough times where he refuses, but those are few and far between. He's starting to realize even more he can grab things, and that also he can "grab" mommies attention by screaming and yelling. His yelling is very interesting indeed. Oh and when he tries to laugh (hasn't quite mastered that one yet) he tries so hard it gives him the hiccups! Very cute, indeed.

Thanks both to my mother and mother-in-law I have aida fabric, thread, needles and patterns for cross-stitching. It seems like its a dying art, however its so much fun! (and kind of addicting too). I'll post a photo of one that I'm working on right now... Its a quote of a hymn:

There is beauty all around, when there's love at home.

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