Our sweet little baby.

I forgot to post this picture yesterday with the others, so I decided post it real quick.


today was bath day

It was so much fun to give baby Jed a bath today. He splashes and splashes until mommi is drenched! But that is okay! I don't mind so much. I just love seeing his chunky-belly self. He has the quite the rolls.

Speaking of rolls. That is his favorite thing to do now. You lay him on his back, bada bing bada boom BAM he's on his belly. It's still a little frustrating to him I think. But he is getting used to it. Now I know I can't leave him alone if I think he might roll into something, or off...

Today I finished hand embroidering a dish towel. Thanks to my old neighbor that came over and taught me how to do it, I'll post a picture on a later day.

On Monday, I'm flying to California with baby Jed to go visit Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim. I'm excited to go visit them again, and I know baby Jed will love it too! Last time we went there, they talked and played with him so much, he came back talking too! (Baby talk of course)

Aunt Elle and Nicole can't wait to see him!


the two love birds

The snow is so bright! But I love it, if it was warmer. When you live this far north, it's hard to expect anything more than snow, snow and more snow. Well, maybe you can expect cold too. That's pretty normal as well. We have two bird statuettes in front of our apartment, poor things freeze out there. They were from our wedding reception in Arkansas, and we had to snatch them -they were so pretty. And plus, I love the way they catch the snow on the back of their wings during the winter.

"Nuzzling beaks, cuddling closely
Trying to stay warm.
But frozen in time, forever still
This cold will do them no harm."



We had a ton of fun today with the camera! I think he's getting used to the whole being in front of the camera thing. He usually just stares at it, never smiling. And of course, right when I put the camera away, he starts smiling. :) But that is just how babies are I guess. I love him oodles.


Cleaning the Refridgerator

Really!? Could it be that aweful... well. It was. It was so gross! And even after I thought I was in the clearing, that I was almost done...nope! There was still more, and more, and more grossness. I'm never going to let the place where I store my food get that nasty. Again!

So I've been reading the Twilight Series, right? I'm on the last book Breaking Dawn- and let me tell you, I have really enjoyed it! Stephenie Meyer has a really bright imagination, I can give her that. I'm excited to watch Eclipse this June...
I didn't think I would enjoy reading the books. I was rebelling against the whole "read the book that everybody is reading" that kind of thing. But... I've got to say, it's pretty good!
If you haven't read them yet, go for it? What is there to lose?


Probably over a year ago... a teacher during one of the lessons passed out a sheet of paper with a quote of something written by... well it's anonymous. But it was read by Jeffrey Hoffman, Astronaut- during a Challenger Flight, April 1985.

You cannot stay on the summit forever.
You have to come down again.
So why bother in the first place?
Just this...
What is above knows what is below.
But what is below does not know what is above.
One climbs. One sees. One descends.
One sees no longer.
One has seen.
There's an art of conducing oneself in the lower regions
By the memory of what one saw higher up.
When one can no longer see
One can at least still know.


quick shots of the lil guy

I'm all about trying new things, so yesterday I made a mock advertisement, based on phone advertising elements. It was very challenging, but I enjoyed it! I hope you enjoy the results too.


the moment

I love his smile, I love his cheeks
I love to watch him grow each week
He laughs and giggles with each coo,
I can't tell you how much I love that too

He's starting to wiggle and roll around
He stares at the source and sight of each sound
He eats his fist, balled up real tight
I even find him sucking his thumb at night.

He was born 19 inches, now he's 25 inches tall
He has grown. Head, fingers, toes and all!
I'll never forget the love that took place
In my heart the moment I first saw his face.


more last November

Here are more pictures of last Thanksgiving... my sister loved holding baby Jed!

Isn't this so sweet? I love watching our wedding video, it makes me so happy and reminds me of how much ~IN LOVE~ I am with Jed.

Taylor, you did so awesome on our wedding video! You are truly amazing! Thanks so much for helping us cherish this wonderful memory.

last November

Last November we visited Arkansas and got to see family. I loved being able to see my sister Lauren. Even though she is a few years older than me, (for the most part) we really were friends growing up. It's hard being away from those that you love, especially her. Memories of our childhood together fondly travel with me as I continue in my life with my new family.
  • We played Barbies together
  • We painted our nails together
  • We sang songs in the bathtub
  • She tweezed my eyebrows
  • We watched Disney movies (even as teenagers)
  • We sang opera that we didn't even know the words to
  • We went swimming at the city pool everyday during the summer
  • She held me close during thunderstorms when I was scared
  • She cried on my shoulder when she was sad
  • I looked up to her (and still do!*)

We were and still are....



baby booties anyone?


Aren't these so precious? My friend taught me how to make them. I plan on making many more. But this is just a glimpse... I still have to attach the strap to velcro, so they aren't completely finished, but they are close!
Of course I don't have a baby girl, but at least I know how to make them for when I do.


but Mother, I'm just here for the food!

Today while lil Jed is taking his nap, I'm watching the 1998 film Ever After. The movie is set in Renaissance France. I find it interesting how they intertwine Leonardo da Vinci into this movie... the portrait is his painting La Scapigliata. No wonder they cast Drew Barrymore as Danielle de Barbarac, they look soOo similar!
A funny quote by the crazy step-mother:
"Nothing is final until you're dead, and even then, I'm sure God negotiates."


four month appointment

Today we went in for the lil guy's four month check-up and vaccines. I was so proud of him! he did so well on his statistics.. 93% of the infants his age are smaller than him. He weighs 17lbs 11oz and is 26 inches long.

big baby, huh?

Now, about the shots... they didn't go over t0o well. He started crying with just the oral vaccine... we got him calmed down before they give him two shots in his thighs and it took a couple of seconds before he realized it hurt, but boy, when he realized he was in pain- he let us know! I was surprised though because by the time we got him dressed, he was happy and giggling again. Eh, babies... you got to love them.

When he tries to laugh it doesn't give him the hiccupps anymore (at least I dont' think so) so he rolls out that laughter even easier! He doesn't have to try so hard. Good baby :)


prep for Valentine's Day!

I took our engagement pictures and played with the Valentine pack on Scrapblog. Pretty Nifty~ I don't know which is my favorite. Maybe the third one down? What do you think?

My wonderful Aunt bought the CuTeSt John Deere boots for babies! He wore them to church last Sunday! He has such chubbo legs that we couldn't velcro them shut, but that's okay. We'll save them for the next baby! (watch we'll end up getting a girl!) But you can still put John Deere boots on a girl, just make sure you put a pink bow in her hair~and she'll be set! (I think). I don't know I've never tried it. My mom bought the sweater for him last Thanksgiving when we were in town for a visit- Thanks, Mom!
Oh by the way, his latest favorite thing to do is blow spit bubbles! He rolls every once in a while from his back to his tummy and even from his tummy to his back. His chunky belly kind of gets in the way sometimes, but he is definitely learning how to roll around it.

I'm sorry, but this one makes me laugh!

I think lil Jed was trying to have a conversation with me!

Now he is just snoozin!

a lil' late

I know it's a little late, but better late than never. :) I'll post it here AND at the bottom of the page- so that you'll always be able to see it. I plan on making one for all my children (that might take a while) and have them all displayed at the bottom.

~reprise ~

Over the weekend I took some pictures of Baby Jed (again!) sitting on the couch, tummy time, and his outfit Sunday morning. But first before I show you those, I want to show you a Scrapblog I made of him in the tub. I know you already saw the picture... but I couldn't resist. Scrapblog is so much fun! It allows you to make a scrapbook of your pictures online. How fun is that!?


I'm Free!

Okay! So I finally did it... I finally deleted my Facebook account. I was spending WAY too much time on it anyways... Sometimes I would catch myself just staring at someone's page, not reading, not doing anything but spacing out... letting time go by.
I love my little boy WAY too much to be wasting time on a networking site- I need to be doing other things, like playing with him, crafting, spending time with people in person.
I think Facebook is great to be able to communicate- however I feel like if you want to talk to someone or express your opinion, it is not a good idea to use Facebook as that tool. Feelings get hurt, and assumptions are made. :p Like: I just talked to Nancy on the phone, so is that pseudo-positive status update that she just posted about me?
WAY too much stress. Passive aggressive, subliminal messaging- Call it what you like. I would just like to live without my old friend Facebook for a while. In the mean time, you can keep up with the Mele Manor here at themelemanor.blogspot.com


Rub a dub dub, Baby Jed in the tub!

He is such a funny baby in the tub! He loves splashing around in the water. Such a difference from when he was born... he's definitely warming up to it! I posted a video for you to see too! Thanks for your help, Kelly!


All things considered, I thought this onesie was very appropriate for our situation. And so baby Jed was dressed in it... sort of. (Its kind of small on him).

Choose the right when a choice is placed before you!


walking out in the snow...

My neighbor and I just walked through the snow with our little babies. We bundled them up and strapped them in our strollers and went off! I admit, it was hard pushing through some of the piled snow with my stroller, but it was soOo nice to get out into the somewhat sun. And so, my friends in sun-shiny places, if you EVER complain about the weather, and DON'T walk your baby in the sunshine, like we attempted... I'm coming to get you and we'll trade places for a day. K?


fun with a pencil...

Last Sunday afternoon, it was nap time, but I couldn't sleep. So, I pulled out my drawing pads and grabbed a plate off the wall- I wanted to draw a rose. So using the plate as my scene, I tried to recreate the flowers. I'm glad I did, because they turned out quite pretty! You never know what you can do until you try! Have you ever tried to draw anything? How did it turn out?

Maybe if I keep trying, I'll get better?


The story of how Baby Jed grabbed the spoon:

There once was a baby that woke up in bed
Crying and laughing all at once, as I said
He was hungry, but nursing wouldn't suffice
Even after his mom had tried more than twice.

So she set and buckled him up in his chair
And boy did he love it, he didn't care!
He saw his mom working to mix up his food...
Then he thought to himself, this is going to be good!

Of course he had this kind of food before,
but never showed interest, it was just a chore!
But when daddy came over to stick it in his face
He tried to grab the spoon in daddy's place!

Saying: Daddy daddy give me a chance
I promise I won't spill it on my bib or my pants
I can hold it myself, just you wait and see!
I'm a big boy now, Yes! That is me!

So he did grab that spoon and fill it with mush
And then to his mouth he did give it a push
Then the food went everywhere, on his bib and his pants
Because that is what happens when you give baby a chance.

But that is okay, that's what babies are for!
messy mushy adventures in the Mele Manor...