Cleaning the Refridgerator

Really!? Could it be that aweful... well. It was. It was so gross! And even after I thought I was in the clearing, that I was almost done...nope! There was still more, and more, and more grossness. I'm never going to let the place where I store my food get that nasty. Again!

So I've been reading the Twilight Series, right? I'm on the last book Breaking Dawn- and let me tell you, I have really enjoyed it! Stephenie Meyer has a really bright imagination, I can give her that. I'm excited to watch Eclipse this June...
I didn't think I would enjoy reading the books. I was rebelling against the whole "read the book that everybody is reading" that kind of thing. But... I've got to say, it's pretty good!
If you haven't read them yet, go for it? What is there to lose?


Allen Family said...

I was that way too with the Twilight series and when I did start reading them I felt a little silly telling people I was. I remember sitting at the Dr.'s office (when I was pregnant with Elizabeth) drinking that nasty orange drink you have to drink for the gestational diabetes test and reading one of the Twilight books. An old man asked me what I was reading and what it was about etc. I felt so lame. All I said was that it was a love story, fiction. I was not about to tell him it was about vampires and werewolves. :) But they are very good and addictive. Easy reads too!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie!!!!
love seeing your posts,, but ive got to figure out how the comments can get posted..