four month appointment

Today we went in for the lil guy's four month check-up and vaccines. I was so proud of him! he did so well on his statistics.. 93% of the infants his age are smaller than him. He weighs 17lbs 11oz and is 26 inches long.

big baby, huh?

Now, about the shots... they didn't go over t0o well. He started crying with just the oral vaccine... we got him calmed down before they give him two shots in his thighs and it took a couple of seconds before he realized it hurt, but boy, when he realized he was in pain- he let us know! I was surprised though because by the time we got him dressed, he was happy and giggling again. Eh, babies... you got to love them.

When he tries to laugh it doesn't give him the hiccupps anymore (at least I dont' think so) so he rolls out that laughter even easier! He doesn't have to try so hard. Good baby :)

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