last November

Last November we visited Arkansas and got to see family. I loved being able to see my sister Lauren. Even though she is a few years older than me, (for the most part) we really were friends growing up. It's hard being away from those that you love, especially her. Memories of our childhood together fondly travel with me as I continue in my life with my new family.
  • We played Barbies together
  • We painted our nails together
  • We sang songs in the bathtub
  • She tweezed my eyebrows
  • We watched Disney movies (even as teenagers)
  • We sang opera that we didn't even know the words to
  • We went swimming at the city pool everyday during the summer
  • She held me close during thunderstorms when I was scared
  • She cried on my shoulder when she was sad
  • I looked up to her (and still do!*)

We were and still are....


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Heidi said...

So sweet Maddie!! I sure wish I could have grown up with you two girls! Having a loving sister is such a wonderful blessing! You guys bring joy to my heart.