My wonderful Aunt bought the CuTeSt John Deere boots for babies! He wore them to church last Sunday! He has such chubbo legs that we couldn't velcro them shut, but that's okay. We'll save them for the next baby! (watch we'll end up getting a girl!) But you can still put John Deere boots on a girl, just make sure you put a pink bow in her hair~and she'll be set! (I think). I don't know I've never tried it. My mom bought the sweater for him last Thanksgiving when we were in town for a visit- Thanks, Mom!
Oh by the way, his latest favorite thing to do is blow spit bubbles! He rolls every once in a while from his back to his tummy and even from his tummy to his back. His chunky belly kind of gets in the way sometimes, but he is definitely learning how to roll around it.


Heidi said...

His hair is getting so long! He looks like a little man with it combed!

I bet you can use those boots on a girl... just make sure she's gotta lotta purple, or pink on too!

Emily said...

All of these pictures of Jed are darling. You're such a fun mom. I am glad that you posted about scrapblog. I was thinking just today about how I wish there was something out there like that to liven up my blogging experience... and wah lah! :) I'm excited to try it! I hope all is well for you, Madeline!