The story of how Baby Jed grabbed the spoon:

There once was a baby that woke up in bed
Crying and laughing all at once, as I said
He was hungry, but nursing wouldn't suffice
Even after his mom had tried more than twice.

So she set and buckled him up in his chair
And boy did he love it, he didn't care!
He saw his mom working to mix up his food...
Then he thought to himself, this is going to be good!

Of course he had this kind of food before,
but never showed interest, it was just a chore!
But when daddy came over to stick it in his face
He tried to grab the spoon in daddy's place!

Saying: Daddy daddy give me a chance
I promise I won't spill it on my bib or my pants
I can hold it myself, just you wait and see!
I'm a big boy now, Yes! That is me!

So he did grab that spoon and fill it with mush
And then to his mouth he did give it a push
Then the food went everywhere, on his bib and his pants
Because that is what happens when you give baby a chance.

But that is okay, that's what babies are for!
messy mushy adventures in the Mele Manor...


Emily said...

ha ha that was a lovely poem! It was also very creative. That is fun that baby Jed is getting into eating solid food.

Tyler and Kelly said...

i love the poem!!!!

Heidi said...

Awesome little story! You are just the cutest new mommy ever sis!