today was bath day

It was so much fun to give baby Jed a bath today. He splashes and splashes until mommi is drenched! But that is okay! I don't mind so much. I just love seeing his chunky-belly self. He has the quite the rolls.

Speaking of rolls. That is his favorite thing to do now. You lay him on his back, bada bing bada boom BAM he's on his belly. It's still a little frustrating to him I think. But he is getting used to it. Now I know I can't leave him alone if I think he might roll into something, or off...

Today I finished hand embroidering a dish towel. Thanks to my old neighbor that came over and taught me how to do it, I'll post a picture on a later day.

On Monday, I'm flying to California with baby Jed to go visit Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Jim. I'm excited to go visit them again, and I know baby Jed will love it too! Last time we went there, they talked and played with him so much, he came back talking too! (Baby talk of course)

Aunt Elle and Nicole can't wait to see him!


frankie said...

He is so precious!!! I love him so much!!!!

Heidi said...

I bet bath time is so much fun with lil Jed! These pics are precious!