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Check out my mom's blog- I designed the banner and the background. 
I made a blog for my custom backgrounds. It's called the Shabby Vanity. Why in the world is it called the Shabby Vanity? Well a vanity table is a piece of furniture with a mirror on it- signifying "blog design that reflects you." Get it!?
Well anyways, everyone is more than welcome to grab a background for free! And if you don't see anything you would want, then fill out a Custom Design Order and I'll make one just for you!!

too cute for words

Here is baby Jed in one of his fuzziBunz diapers!  Not quite crawling, but he is trying! Just a few more weeks...

I'll let the picture do the talking on this one:
Aunt Becca and Baby Jed
and this one:
oh and this one:
So if you were having a bad day today, I assume that it just got ten times better... who could resist smiling at such a cute face?
He is simply:

too cute for words


too long

Happy Birthday, Mom! I'm so happy for you turning 29 again. :)  You'll always be young to me.

Exciting news about the baby!
He rolled over multiple times today! Yes, he could roll over before, but now when you put him down- if he wants to get somewhere, he just rolls there.
He lifts himself up on all fours like he wants to crawl. But then he gives up and falls flat on his belly.

It won't be too long until he is moving so fast we can't catch up with him.


I just wanted to quickly share a quote or two from a book I'm reading currently: Boundaries.  Just to give you a glimpse of what the book is about a subtitle is "When to say yes, when to say no, to take control of your life."  Now I know that sounds a litte harsh and silly. (Or at least it did to me at first.) However, the advice in the book is very sound and I would recommend it to anyone. 

Last night I ran over a passage as follows:

Hatching: "Mommy and Me Aren't the Same"
   "'It's not fair,' a mother of a five-month-old boy told me. 'We had four months of bliss and closeness. I loved Eric's helplessness, his dependency. He needed me, and I was enough for him.'
        'All of a sudden it changed. He got- I don't know how to say it-more        restless, wigglier. He didn't always want me to hold him. He became more interested in other people, even in brightly colored toys, than me!
     'I'm beginning to get the picture,' the woman concluded. 'He needed me for four months. Now motherhood is spending the next seventeen and half years letting him leave me!'
     In many ways, this mother got the picture. The first five to ten months of life mark a major shift in infants: from 'Mommy and me are the same' to 'Mommy and me aren't the same.' During this period, babies begin moving out of their passive union with Mother into an active interest in the outside world. They become aware that there's a big, exciting world out there-and they want a piece of the action!
     This period is called 'hatching' or 'differentiation' by child researchers. It's a time of exploration, of touching, of tasting and feeling new things. Though children in this phase are still dependent on Mother, they aren't wrapped up in closeness with her. The months of nurturing have paid off- the child feels safe enoughto start taking risks. Watch crawlers in full tilt. They don't want to miss out. This is a geographical boundary in motion- away from Mother.
    my favorite part: Look into the eyes of a baby in the 'hatching' phase. You can see Adam's wide-eyed wonder at the flora, fauna, and majesty of the earth created for him by the Lord. You can see the desire to discover..." 
This book talks a lot about people that don't know how to say "no" to someone.  Which I think is typical for most people.  I think most people are pleasers and want to do there best to make the next person happy- so they say yes to favors... Here is a passage that gets you thinking:

" This type of boundary problem (the inability to say  no) paralyzes people's no muscles. Whenever they need to protect themselves by saying no, the word catches in their throats. This happens for a number of different reason.
  • Fear of hurting the other persons feelings
  • Fear of abandonment and separateness
  • A wish to be totally dependent on another
  • Fear of someone else's anger
  • Fear of punishment
  • Fear of being shamed
  • Fear of being seen as bad or selfish
  • Fear of being unspiritual
  • Fear of one's overstrict, critical conscience
Does this sound all too familiar?   Remember that it is okay to be nice and do a favor for people... but don't overburden yourself and feel like you have to do everything.


I stumbled upon this picture in our Wedding Album and I wanted to blog about it and share it with EVERYONE! First I want to say is this: I love love LOVE Jed (big Jed) so much and want to thank him for giving me the best years of my life so far.  Marriage is best journey ever. I know some couples that don't experience marriage the way that we get to... that don't think it is "the best journey ever."  Well, I say: open your eyes! Can't you see that you are married to your best friend?!  Don't you love your spouse? Be happy in love.  Enjoy the journey to forever! I know we will be! And the best part is- we have a little tyke to tag along!

Isn't this picture amazing? Kudos go to memoriesbytaylor.com. 
oh, and the bouquet? My grandmother!  She is such a talented lady. I love you, Grandma!


just a thought

I found the sweetest quote in a book that my friend let me borrow.  It is actually in the very front of the book, Happiest Baby on the Block.
"To the generous hearts
of new parents everywhere
and to our sweet babies
who come into the world
with such trust."

The first time I read that, I thought, How sweet! My favorite part is the last line: "with such trust."
I have never really thought of it like that before... that our newborn babies trust us to take care of them...someone to take care of them because they are so helpless and need us so much.

That reminds me of mommy favoritsm- when your child chooses Mom over anyone else (except Dad, on occasion.)  This trait is starting to peek through in Baby Jed's personality. I'm really grateful that he loves me so much that he would rather spend time with me... however, I get sad when he starts to whine when he gets passed off to someone else like Uncle Jake, or Aunt Becca. It would be nice for them to see how smiley and happy he can be.

Cloth diaper update... am still loving them!  They still smell clean and fresh!


another background

I have so much fun making blog backgrounds now, (thanks, JanaƩ).
I made one for spring. It is up for grabs! If you want it let me know and I'll give you the code.
Tell me what you think... I really need to know what people like and don't like...

Cloth Diapers

This one is for you, Emily...

I'll admit, I wasn't sold on the idea at first when I heard about "cloth diapers." In my mind I was thinking 'old rags, pins, mess mess mess.' I also thought, it will take forEVER to put them on compared to the disposable diapers.
However, now that I have them, I realize how silly my fears were. These diapers are so ingenius! They don't leak (unless you leave them on for more than 3 hours, but who would do that?). It is surprising how much moisture they hold! When it is time to change a wet diaper you just take it off and set it in a dry pail, can, or bag and forget about it until you wash them.
A soiled diaper is really similar... just take it to the toilet, shake off the solids (easier the older your baby gets, I'm sure)- then set in a bag and forget until you wash it with the other wet diapers. They don't stain, and look good as new once out of the dryer.
My neighbor puts them through a hot rinse cycle and a wash cycle, but either way... the job gets done.
I have only used them for a couple of days, but so far I love love love them. And I feel SO much better knowing I am doing something good for my baby. Disposables are great for convenience, however- babies didn't start getting diaper rashes until disposables came along (which Isn't convenient). These fuzziBunz are so soft and good for his sensitive skin. :)
And as ANOTHER plus ( I know, I know) it is known that babies in cloth diapers potty train quicker than those in disposables.

So there you have it- Cloth diapers:
(not to mention) Cute
Earth Friendly!

Well worth the $$


These are my NEW* fuzziBunz cloth diapers. Cloth diapers!? Girl! You crazy!? Actually no, I'm quite sane actually. Not only are they cheaper than disposables (in the long run), but they are one size fits all! Little Jed can wear these until he is 3 (yes, 3!) years old! How? Well they are adjustable with elastic and to grow with your baby. Neat, huh! AnD, don't forget, they are eco-friendly! (all you greenies out there, that one was for you.) And they are cute too, the colors are bright and vibrant! I got a sweet deal, instead of 18.95$, I got them for 16.00$. I can thank my neighbor Kelly for that one. :)
What about the mess!? washer machine. What about the stain and smell? washer machine
a lot easier than you think!... ... give it a try :)



I found this little critter in the living room last night, past bedtime! tsk tsk,
At least he was a happy one! He was such a good boy today while I made a book.
Made a book?! Why yes, I did- not on the computer, but actually bound one using paper, cardboard, fabric, staples and glue and an eraser! And no, it doesn't look like a kindergartener did it :) Promise. I'll post a pic when I get one... whenever that will be.
It is a lot simpler than you think (although very time consuming.)
Last night Big Jed was so pleased, he teased "Looks like we'll never have to buy another book again. You'll just make em!"
That made us both chuckle.


Blog Design

Okay phew! That felt like it took forever!
I was working on the blog design. I was curious to see if I could make a blog background and it looks like I can. Sort of?
The only problem I have it that when I upload photos to photobucket... it downsizes my pictures. If your Internet Explorer views the webpage at 75%-- my background doesn't go to the whole page. But if you view it at 100% (Normal) it's fine. I'm just afraid more than most people view at 75%. (It can be pretty convenient).
yadda yadda blah blah...
you get the picture.

so tell me what you think about my blog! kevinandamanda.com taught me how to do it!
under construction
I'm trying to figure a couple things out, so sorry for the blahness for right now.


I decided to edit two of our engagement pictures... some fun :)
I use a free photo editing program called PaintdotNet. It is similar to PhotoShop without the moolah!

from simple to chic

Yes! Another project done!

Today I was looking at my plain white lamp shades on my milk glass lamps, and decided to give one of them a splash of color. Sadly, they do not match anymore- however I'm sure the other lamp shade will be redecorated in it's own unique way someday soon.

Now I have a tall lamp for our living room that looks fabulous! (Did I mention I made it!!!)

Before I had a small lamp that looked akward in the space- but now I have replaced it with the taller milk glass lamp. *problem solved*!
How did I do it? two words hot. glue.
or maybe I should call it very. hot. glue. But, at any rate, I just used materials I already had stashed away in my house. scissors, hot glue gun, green ribbon, pearls, flowers "borrowed" from an old pot, lace, and scraps of home decor fabric.

March Baby

These pictures were taken just 2 days ago. I love his cute mOnkeY suit! As you can see, he sits up really well with the boppy pillow. ( If it wasn't there, I'm sure he would still fall over.)

He now weighs 20 lbs. How? I don't know because he hasn't been eating that great. He's been refusing to nurse for a month or two now. He WILL nurse, but not very well. And this past week, it's just gotten worse. He cries and pushes away. So yesterday we took him to the doctor and turns out he has a little ear infection. Go figure...

So hopefully that will solve the problem. But then they said something Very interesting indeed. They said that babies sometimes go through growth spurts and lags, and they said during their lags it is very common for them not to eat for 5-6 hours. !? That's very different. I have never heard that before. So maybe if I try feeding him less often...?

I also think that because I've been giving him apple juice, I found out yesterday in "What to Expect the First Year" that fruit juice ruins the baby's appetite for mother's milk, especially apple juice.. So no more of that.

Hopefully he will go back to eating more, or I'm afraid he won't be the biggest 5 1/2 month old in our town anymore. (That's a joke. But he's not far off... . .. .)


As most babies do!

precious baby feet

We had fun tonight in the highchair. He had just finished eating his carrots, peas, bananas, and rice. Don't worry, I didn't stuff him, he only had a little of each food. :)

He has such a cute giggle. As most babies do!


the secret to scrapblog

There is an online scrapbooking service called Scrapblog where I can make fun little things such as my signature at the end of each post, my header at the top of the page, and little buttons, signs and other fun blogging things.
Go to the webpage and create an account to begin having fun editing and adding to your photos. You can add stickers, frames, words, phrases, backgrounds, and other fun things!
Now, it's not ALL free. They try to get you to buy their expensive stickers, frames and such. However, if you click on LEAST CREDITS while choosing your different stickers and the like, you can use the extras that DON'T cost a penny. (Which makes it absolutely free.)

(You can click on any image to make it appear larger.) Okay so here is the scoop: once you have created an account and signed in- you will come to a homepage like this. To create a "scrapblog" as they call it- click on the button at the top right hand corner that says "Create a Scrapblog."Once clicked, another window will open up saying "attempting to launch builder" yadda yadda. Now, if you are feeling feeble, you can click on "Start with Quick Mix." However, I like to start with a blank page so I can choose all my own things to add to my photos.But first, before we can add anything to our photos, we have to upload them to the sight. So click on "Get Photos" to do so.

I mostly grab my pictures from my computer, however, you can get them from virtually anywhere else on the Internet. Say you have a favorite picture on Facebook, Scrapblog lets you go grab that too! Pretty nifty,eh? But for all intents and purposes, lets just stick with a picture from our computer for now.

Once you have chosen a picture from your computer to put onto scrapblog, it will upload them. However while it is loading, you can choose more photos if you would like and it WON'T stop the uploading process. But, if you want to stick with just one picture, once it is loaded to the window, click "Add to Tray"

Yay! Now we have our photo/s uploaded and can begin to play with them. First, let's pick a background. So click on the tab that says "Backgrounds" and once it slides open,

click "Get Backgrounds"
Now I know it seems a little repetitive, but you have to click on "Backgrounds" again in order for them to show up on your screen.Make sure to click on LEAST CREDITS after you have clicked on Backgrounds. Clicking on "Least Credits" will put them in order from cheapest (a.k.a. free) to most expensive. So you will see the free ones first. To add a background to your tray, simply click on the background you want and it will say "background added."

To return to your work space, click "Close" at the bottom right hand corner of the window.Now that you are facing your workspace, add the background to the white area by clicking and dragging the background square to the area. Once dropped it will add the background automatically.So now that we have our background, click on the photos tab to display your photo choices. Then drag the photo you want onto the background. Don't worry, once placed on the background, you can still move it around and edit it. To mix things up, I like to sometimes rotate my photos. To do this, highlight the photo by clicking on it, revealing a straight blue line from the middle of the picture to the top. Rotate the picture by clicking the circle at the top of the blue line and turning it any direction you want. In my case, I rotated it 9 degrees to the right.

How did I add the sticker? Same process! Click on "Stickers" tab and "Get Stickers." Once the window is open- where it says packs, pull the list down and click on "stickers" to display your sticker options. Click on LEAST CREDITS. Then I typed in "sleep" by the least credit tab. Add the tiger to your tray by clicking it and then close the window when you are done. I dragged the sticker onto the background and flipped it horizontally by clicking "Flip Horizontal."

Okay, confused? Don't be. Read it slowly. Go back through the steps for the Backgrounds if you need pictures to guide you along for the stickers..

Up to speed? Great!

For text, click on the "text" tab on the left, and pick which box of text you want. Drag it onto the screen and use the bar on the right to change up your options according to the look you want.

Okay, now that you have added your stickers to create your scrapblog page, I'm going to show you how to save it and share it with everyone! Click "I'm Finished!" Then click "Publish and Share Online." Now that is is published, it gives you options on where to post it online for you. However, I like to post it myself- so I press "back" twice until I get to the main screen again.
To save it to your computer so you can upload it to your blog yourself like I do, Click "File" and then "Export as JPEG." Save it to where you like on your computer.

And then... TADA! You have your finished scrapblog page ready to post! Just upload it like you would any other picture.

For You, Heidi

This is a photograph taken a long time ago of me (right) and my sister Heidi (left). That was the day of her baptism. I obviously don't remember much of the day, however I know it must have been a sweet occasion. Just look at the smile on Heidi's face. She looks absolutely beautiful. And of course you can see my brother Drew in the bottom right corner. :) My sister Heidi is such a great strength to me! Even though we have been mostly out of contact until just recently, I feel like not only is she my sister, but my best friend!

Half sister, Half angel, I love you Heidi.



he is so cute isn't he!?

I thought his outfit yesterday was so cute!

Meanwhile, An update on baby Jed!

On Sunday he was 5 months old!
A month ago he weighed close to 18 lbs
He rolls over
He reaches his toes (it is funny because you can hear him struggle to reach over his tummy)
He chews on everything he can get his mouth on
He bats his arms and legs really fast when he sees something he wants
He rubs his eyes when he is tired
He converses with me throughout the day- I'll say something and then he'll answer
He giggles when I giggle
He takes 4 naps a day
He laughs when Daddy tickles him
He stares at the pages of the books we read every night
He smiles when someone else is smiling
He even smiles when we frown!
He can't help but stare at the television, no matter how much you try to grab his attention
He thinks it is funny when I sing and dance for him
He wakes up twice during the night
He sits straight up in his high chair
He grabbed the curtains in his room this morning
He is too big for his bouncy seat