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These are my NEW* fuzziBunz cloth diapers. Cloth diapers!? Girl! You crazy!? Actually no, I'm quite sane actually. Not only are they cheaper than disposables (in the long run), but they are one size fits all! Little Jed can wear these until he is 3 (yes, 3!) years old! How? Well they are adjustable with elastic and to grow with your baby. Neat, huh! AnD, don't forget, they are eco-friendly! (all you greenies out there, that one was for you.) And they are cute too, the colors are bright and vibrant! I got a sweet deal, instead of 18.95$, I got them for 16.00$. I can thank my neighbor Kelly for that one. :)
What about the mess!? washer machine. What about the stain and smell? washer machine
a lot easier than you think!... ... give it a try :)


Janae' said...

Great Job!!

Tyler and Kelly said...

Mine are washing right now!!!!

Shaun said...

I'd Really like to know how these work out for you. Keep us posted on all the details! :) They seem cool but I'm scared to invest the $$ if they are a terrible mess.

Heidi and Eric Kowallis said...

How did you get the discount? I am still looking into what I want to do for Aden and our next baby so we can possibly stop buying diapers and I am really liking the Fuzzi Bunz. I don't think I saw that they had 0ne Size fits all last year when I bought BumGenius. Anyway I'm so glad they are working so great for you!