I found this little critter in the living room last night, past bedtime! tsk tsk,
At least he was a happy one! He was such a good boy today while I made a book.
Made a book?! Why yes, I did- not on the computer, but actually bound one using paper, cardboard, fabric, staples and glue and an eraser! And no, it doesn't look like a kindergartener did it :) Promise. I'll post a pic when I get one... whenever that will be.
It is a lot simpler than you think (although very time consuming.)
Last night Big Jed was so pleased, he teased "Looks like we'll never have to buy another book again. You'll just make em!"
That made us both chuckle.

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Janae' said...

Yes I do but I tried it another way and it worked as well.. Whatever program you are in, you should be able to choose (when you are done with it) Resize, then maintain aspect ratio, by absolute size... you want the width pixels to be 1400, the height will adjust. Now just save it after that and save it as a jpeg and upload to photobucket. Make sure you are uploading with 1mg file size under options. I hope that makes sense. If all else fails.. email me