Cloth Diapers

This one is for you, Emily...

I'll admit, I wasn't sold on the idea at first when I heard about "cloth diapers." In my mind I was thinking 'old rags, pins, mess mess mess.' I also thought, it will take forEVER to put them on compared to the disposable diapers.
However, now that I have them, I realize how silly my fears were. These diapers are so ingenius! They don't leak (unless you leave them on for more than 3 hours, but who would do that?). It is surprising how much moisture they hold! When it is time to change a wet diaper you just take it off and set it in a dry pail, can, or bag and forget about it until you wash them.
A soiled diaper is really similar... just take it to the toilet, shake off the solids (easier the older your baby gets, I'm sure)- then set in a bag and forget until you wash it with the other wet diapers. They don't stain, and look good as new once out of the dryer.
My neighbor puts them through a hot rinse cycle and a wash cycle, but either way... the job gets done.
I have only used them for a couple of days, but so far I love love love them. And I feel SO much better knowing I am doing something good for my baby. Disposables are great for convenience, however- babies didn't start getting diaper rashes until disposables came along (which Isn't convenient). These fuzziBunz are so soft and good for his sensitive skin. :)
And as ANOTHER plus ( I know, I know) it is known that babies in cloth diapers potty train quicker than those in disposables.

So there you have it- Cloth diapers:
(not to mention) Cute
Earth Friendly!

Well worth the $$

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Emily said...

Cool, Madeline! Thanks for your thoughts. I didn't know all those things. That comment before was by me, Emily, not Shaun. I must have been signed in as him on accident. oops! I do that a lot! I look forward to seeing you again when the next semester starts! SO soon! :)