from simple to chic

Yes! Another project done!

Today I was looking at my plain white lamp shades on my milk glass lamps, and decided to give one of them a splash of color. Sadly, they do not match anymore- however I'm sure the other lamp shade will be redecorated in it's own unique way someday soon.

Now I have a tall lamp for our living room that looks fabulous! (Did I mention I made it!!!)

Before I had a small lamp that looked akward in the space- but now I have replaced it with the taller milk glass lamp. *problem solved*!
How did I do it? two words hot. glue.
or maybe I should call it very. hot. glue. But, at any rate, I just used materials I already had stashed away in my house. scissors, hot glue gun, green ribbon, pearls, flowers "borrowed" from an old pot, lace, and scraps of home decor fabric.

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