I'm back!

Baby Jed grabs his feet now! He is so chunky, I thought that would never happen.
Baby Jed with Grandpa "Sheriff" Mele!
This Steelers baby bib belonged to big Jed when he was a baby! Can you believe that?

On the way home...

Our trip to California was so much fun. Too bad big Jed didn't get to go, we sure did miss eachother. From Monday to Monday!
Grandma Sharon completely spoiled us all.

Happy Birthday Grandma Sharon! Thanks for everything


frankie said...

He is the cutest thing ever and nanner loves him so much!! and I love you and big jed too!!

Heidi said...

Your hair looks so dark and beautiful! I wish you could put more pics of you on your blog! Or just email me some, lol :)

Your boy is growing so fast!