March Baby

These pictures were taken just 2 days ago. I love his cute mOnkeY suit! As you can see, he sits up really well with the boppy pillow. ( If it wasn't there, I'm sure he would still fall over.)

He now weighs 20 lbs. How? I don't know because he hasn't been eating that great. He's been refusing to nurse for a month or two now. He WILL nurse, but not very well. And this past week, it's just gotten worse. He cries and pushes away. So yesterday we took him to the doctor and turns out he has a little ear infection. Go figure...

So hopefully that will solve the problem. But then they said something Very interesting indeed. They said that babies sometimes go through growth spurts and lags, and they said during their lags it is very common for them not to eat for 5-6 hours. !? That's very different. I have never heard that before. So maybe if I try feeding him less often...?

I also think that because I've been giving him apple juice, I found out yesterday in "What to Expect the First Year" that fruit juice ruins the baby's appetite for mother's milk, especially apple juice.. So no more of that.

Hopefully he will go back to eating more, or I'm afraid he won't be the biggest 5 1/2 month old in our town anymore. (That's a joke. But he's not far off... . .. .)

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