the secret to scrapblog

There is an online scrapbooking service called Scrapblog where I can make fun little things such as my signature at the end of each post, my header at the top of the page, and little buttons, signs and other fun blogging things.
Go to the webpage and create an account to begin having fun editing and adding to your photos. You can add stickers, frames, words, phrases, backgrounds, and other fun things!
Now, it's not ALL free. They try to get you to buy their expensive stickers, frames and such. However, if you click on LEAST CREDITS while choosing your different stickers and the like, you can use the extras that DON'T cost a penny. (Which makes it absolutely free.)

(You can click on any image to make it appear larger.) Okay so here is the scoop: once you have created an account and signed in- you will come to a homepage like this. To create a "scrapblog" as they call it- click on the button at the top right hand corner that says "Create a Scrapblog."Once clicked, another window will open up saying "attempting to launch builder" yadda yadda. Now, if you are feeling feeble, you can click on "Start with Quick Mix." However, I like to start with a blank page so I can choose all my own things to add to my photos.But first, before we can add anything to our photos, we have to upload them to the sight. So click on "Get Photos" to do so.

I mostly grab my pictures from my computer, however, you can get them from virtually anywhere else on the Internet. Say you have a favorite picture on Facebook, Scrapblog lets you go grab that too! Pretty nifty,eh? But for all intents and purposes, lets just stick with a picture from our computer for now.

Once you have chosen a picture from your computer to put onto scrapblog, it will upload them. However while it is loading, you can choose more photos if you would like and it WON'T stop the uploading process. But, if you want to stick with just one picture, once it is loaded to the window, click "Add to Tray"

Yay! Now we have our photo/s uploaded and can begin to play with them. First, let's pick a background. So click on the tab that says "Backgrounds" and once it slides open,

click "Get Backgrounds"
Now I know it seems a little repetitive, but you have to click on "Backgrounds" again in order for them to show up on your screen.Make sure to click on LEAST CREDITS after you have clicked on Backgrounds. Clicking on "Least Credits" will put them in order from cheapest (a.k.a. free) to most expensive. So you will see the free ones first. To add a background to your tray, simply click on the background you want and it will say "background added."

To return to your work space, click "Close" at the bottom right hand corner of the window.Now that you are facing your workspace, add the background to the white area by clicking and dragging the background square to the area. Once dropped it will add the background automatically.So now that we have our background, click on the photos tab to display your photo choices. Then drag the photo you want onto the background. Don't worry, once placed on the background, you can still move it around and edit it. To mix things up, I like to sometimes rotate my photos. To do this, highlight the photo by clicking on it, revealing a straight blue line from the middle of the picture to the top. Rotate the picture by clicking the circle at the top of the blue line and turning it any direction you want. In my case, I rotated it 9 degrees to the right.

How did I add the sticker? Same process! Click on "Stickers" tab and "Get Stickers." Once the window is open- where it says packs, pull the list down and click on "stickers" to display your sticker options. Click on LEAST CREDITS. Then I typed in "sleep" by the least credit tab. Add the tiger to your tray by clicking it and then close the window when you are done. I dragged the sticker onto the background and flipped it horizontally by clicking "Flip Horizontal."

Okay, confused? Don't be. Read it slowly. Go back through the steps for the Backgrounds if you need pictures to guide you along for the stickers..

Up to speed? Great!

For text, click on the "text" tab on the left, and pick which box of text you want. Drag it onto the screen and use the bar on the right to change up your options according to the look you want.

Okay, now that you have added your stickers to create your scrapblog page, I'm going to show you how to save it and share it with everyone! Click "I'm Finished!" Then click "Publish and Share Online." Now that is is published, it gives you options on where to post it online for you. However, I like to post it myself- so I press "back" twice until I get to the main screen again.
To save it to your computer so you can upload it to your blog yourself like I do, Click "File" and then "Export as JPEG." Save it to where you like on your computer.

And then... TADA! You have your finished scrapblog page ready to post! Just upload it like you would any other picture.


Heidi said...

Thank you for posting this! I'm goin to try it out soon! Hope they have some owls! Oh, that would be wonderful! Ha!

Taralee said...

This was exactly what I needed! Thank you:) How do you "shrink" or make the scrappage jpeg file smaller so it's not so HUGE on my blog?