he is so cute isn't he!?

I thought his outfit yesterday was so cute!

Meanwhile, An update on baby Jed!

On Sunday he was 5 months old!
A month ago he weighed close to 18 lbs
He rolls over
He reaches his toes (it is funny because you can hear him struggle to reach over his tummy)
He chews on everything he can get his mouth on
He bats his arms and legs really fast when he sees something he wants
He rubs his eyes when he is tired
He converses with me throughout the day- I'll say something and then he'll answer
He giggles when I giggle
He takes 4 naps a day
He laughs when Daddy tickles him
He stares at the pages of the books we read every night
He smiles when someone else is smiling
He even smiles when we frown!
He can't help but stare at the television, no matter how much you try to grab his attention
He thinks it is funny when I sing and dance for him
He wakes up twice during the night
He sits straight up in his high chair
He grabbed the curtains in his room this morning
He is too big for his bouncy seat

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Heidi said...

Congrats on the 5 month benchmark! I can't believe that much time has gone by! It seems like just last month that you sent me the "Baby Jed loves you" text plus the pic of him in the hospital the day he was born!

His outfit was very cute!

How did you create the label/pic(5 months old) at the top of your post?? It is darling!