Naked... at Church

 Why does Baby Jed look so forlorn? Well... let me share the story with you!
In Sunday School, we were holding baby Jed and saw that his pants were wet from his diaper.  So I take him into the mother's lounge to change him and remember... "Ooh... no.  I didn't bring a plastic bag if this is a dirt diaper....?" And sure enough... it was. So I deliberated... and while I was deliberating, I realized that I didn't have wipes to wipe the poo off his bum! Aagrh! So I reach over and wet some paper towels and come back ready to wipe him. Then, I notice his clothes are drenched! He peed all over himself! Double aargh.  And to top it off... I didn't pack an extra outfit.  At least I remembered an extra diaper! "Think think think..."

I changed his diaper, set the dirty stuff on the ground. Grabbed the baby, walked to the kitchen, and asked for a plastic bag.  Once I got one, I returned to the mother's lounge and put the dirty diaper in the bag.  I walked back into Sunday School to grab Big Jed, and then we were off towards home. I'm sorry, but I wasn't going to sit through church with a naked baby.
And I feel bad because I was supposed to play the Organ in Sacrament Meeting next hour, but I was able to snag someone who would fill in for me.  Poor fellow.

a funny candid...
That's better!

Have a Happy Sunday!


frankie said...

You look absolutley beautiful!!! thatws a funny post!

Heidi said...

I agree with yo momma! You are beautimous! Love that shade of color on your hair.

I wouldn't have sat through church with a naked baby either. Jed looks so sad in his stroller picture. What a doll.