first $$

YES! I made my first dollar designing someone's blog, but FIRST--- I want to tell you about our trip to California!

We drove to Sonora and stayed with Jed's parents until Monday and took family pictures... They turned out so well. I can't wait to get copies. Then on Tuesday we drove down to Ventura! It was BEAUTiFUL!  I loved the weather.  We went to flea markets, antique shops, jumped in the cold Pacific, and walked along the looong pier.
On Wednesday we drove to Moorpark and let baby Jed and Great Great Grandma Grace finally meet.
 It was so sweet! Lately Jed has been wary around strangers, but he just fell in love with Grandma Grace from square one. It was a short visit, but a sweet one! 


Allen Family said...

So glad you had a wonderful time. I'm so bummed we weren't able to meet up! Hopefully we'll have another chance sometime soon. Everybody said little Jed was just the cutest, sweetest thing ever!

Liana said...

wow! that is a picture to keep forever... it's not everyday that you get to meet your great great grandma. :) I barely even knew either of my grandma's let along great or great great!