I remember...

These are just of few of my childhood memories that I wrote down the other day... I don't want to forget them.  I would like to share them with you! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

My first baby tooth knocked out!  It was my front two bottom teeth. Sunday morning before church. I was playing with my sister with a soft small orange Jetson toy ball.  I was a "doggy" with the ball in my mouth- then she yanked it out of my mouth. My teeth came with it.

In nursery at church- it was time to get a drink from the water fountain.  So I run to the water fountain in the hallway. Once I got my sip I ran back into the room.  I put my hand into the doorway near the hinges. Another girl closes the door on my middle right finger. I screamed (of course). I was taken to more than one doctor. I remember being afraid of the x-ray machine.

My first trampoline.  Sunday after church, I woke up from my nap to everyone gone.  I found the rest of the family in the backyard. My siblings were jumping on the trampoline.  I got lifted up on it.  Scared me to death!  I cried and my mom took me off.

Training wheels... Bike riding was "an important skill."   could go out to learn how to ride even when I was grounded!  I thought my dad was pushing me, holding me balanced like he always had to do- but I looked back and he wasn't there. It was exhilerating. And of course I ran into the truck.

My older sister's birthday party.  So many girls were invited- even her friend Jessica that owned all the dachsunds on the country property with the big house. We watched Snow White.  She got so many barbie dolls, all lined up on the mantle.

We had a cat.  We came home one day and it was on top of the ladder in the living room.  She would even climb in our doll house. You could see her face through the front door.

Potty training to the big toilet.  I was practicing switching from the small potty to the big kid one.  I was so nervous!  Sitting on the big kid toilet I felt like I was going to fall through.  My brother Drew and my Dad were there...  Drew said "Should we help her?" Then my Dad said "No, let her do it on her own."

Brushing my teeth with mom in her bathroom.  After we were done, she gave me a palmful of water to swish through my mouth. However, once she gave it to me, I just swallowed it.  Then my mom said "You're supposed to spit it back out, silly."

Neat, huh!? Can you remember when you were small?

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