Is it Friday Already?

The days truly pass by too quickly when you're a busy mom. Being a mom to even one baby is a handful. There is dinner, laundry, the baby needs to be fed, groceries, finances,and if you work outside the house or at home .... so much to do!  Oh yes, and the dishes need to be done... again!  But really, every calling in life holds it's challenges. I went to visit a friend who shared such an inspiring thought with me.
The essential message was this: Enjoy Motherhood, enjoy doing the dishes, enjoy the messes  your children make. They will only be this small once!  If you dread doing chores and making your home  beautiful, if you don't look forward to taking care of the needs of your little one, then when they are all grown up... you'll look back and say "Where did all the time go? I want to go back, RE-DO!"
And so I have to catch myself! I don't want this time to disappear too quickly... so I want to savor each moment.  
Even the moments like 2:00 in the morning, and you're awake because your little one "needs" you! (those little goobers).

Need a little refresher? Here are some ideas:
 Go for a walk. The weather is wonderful. (Even where I am.)
Make a smoothie!
Open your blinds, let the sunlight in.
Listen to some fun or relaxing music.
Make a card for somebody. It's surprising how good you feel after serving someone.
Call an old friend... when is the last time you talked?
Play a game with your children. Even if it's just "make believe"

Are you thinking: "I would love to, but I don't have time for those things!" Well THAT, my friend, is why you don't have any time. You have to make time.  It's all just an attitude adjustment.  What's known to the Covey family as a paradigm shift...

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