Someday Spring will visit us... but until then, have pity on the poor fellow. 
I think this is the third day in a row Jed has had to sweep off a mountain of snow off our car.  Such a good guy. I love him so much. He is on his way to one his last classes of the semester.

I took Baby Jed to the doctor yesterday for his six month appointment.  
Here are his stats:
Weight: 20.44 lbs  (92%)
Height: 28 inches (93%)
Head Circ.: 17.25 inches  (54%)

He also got his third round of vaccines... oh the dreaded things. I was expecting him not to cry very much. Because, last time he cried twice and was done with it... however as soon as the nurse walked in he start whimpering and definitely let us know how much it hurt to get poked. He cried and cried.. .and cried. It broke my heart. But after a half hour or so he dried up his tears and was ready for the rest of his day. After our trip to the pediactrician we went to Walmart and got TONS of baby food... But I'm sure it will dissappear in a matter of weeks.  We fed him a cracker this morning and he loved it.  We set it on his high chair and he snatched it up and chewed off a tiny piece... sucked on it and then swallowed it. Then his eyes got sO wide, then I thought:
"Oh no, he's choking!"
But then before I could even reach for him he grabbed the rest of the cracker and shoved it in his mouth and just had the best time of his life. I think I misinterpreted the look of a new found favorite food for choking. But I'm not complaining! I think we are only going to do one cracker a day until we can buy some that don't have tons of salt on it... I would hate to put his kidneys under arrest. LOL

This Friday we are leaving for sunny California... so I guess you don't have to have pity on us for much longer... And we aren't just going to Sonora, which will be cold like here. We are going down to Southern California, Ventura to be exact. We are ecstatic to soak up some sun on the beach with baby Jed. I'll be sure to take my camera so that you can see how much fun we had. 

Aunt Katie, we want to visit you!

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Terri Lindsay said...

Your going to my home town! Ventura! I want to come! Just remember to think as you drive all around, this is were Terri grew up, this us were Terri grew up. Enjoy, I hear the weather is amazing.