Wonderful Wednesday

I want to share a quick story that opened my eyes yesterday.
But first: A little back-up...

Jed lost his job... apparently his boss hired too many people and Jed didn't have his degree yet... so he was the first to go.  Or so the story goes. And so Jed is job hunting all over Rexburg... and I assumed that it would have to do with something that he is majoring in (Business- Finance). So he comes home one day from school and says, "Honey, I found a good place for me to apply."
Up to Speed? Great.

So I ask "Where?"
"Beehive Federal Credit Union," he replies. I think 'Great! He'll like working there!'
Then I ask, "What will you be doing?"
"I'm not quite sure, it didn't say very much about the job description on the website."
Okay, that's fine with me... so long as he has a job doing what he likes.
Yesterday, he gets ready to turn in the application with an amazing resume... (surely, they will at least be impressed by it.)  He puts on a suit and tie and then we're off, driving to the Credit Union...
As we are on the road I think "What if it's like a janitorial job or something?" So I voice that.
"Honey, what if it's a janitor or something?" I motion toward his overdressed suit if so...
I cut him off short "You would be the best looking janitor I have ever seen."
That made him chuckle... he didn't say anything after that.
When we pulled into the parking lot we said a prayer that this job would work out or lead us to something that would.  Then he hopped out of the car, confident- and walked inside. 
"Surely, he would get something good that pays well enough for us not to have to apply for subsidized housing. Please, Lord... please? I don't want to be poor forever."
He comes back and hops in the car, pleased.
"Well, what did they say?"
"I handed it to the lady, and she said 'I can take that, thank you.' (this wasn't the information I was looking for, ) and then she said 'Human Resources is here and I will call her so you'll know when to expect a call, just a sec.' So she dials... (come on, Jed, get to the point!) and then after the phone call she looks at me and says 'You know the only position open is janitor/snow removal.'"
I gasped! "Jed, I was just kidding about the whole janitor thing! Did you know!?" Now we are really going to be poor forever!
"Yes, honey, I thought I told you!?"
I gasped even louder again "NO! You didn't TELL me! I was just KIDDING!"
"I KNOW, but I was SE-RI-OUS!" (I think he was making fun of me at that point.)
"But Jed, a janitor?"
"Well, a jobs a job, you know?"
"Yeah, I guess. But why did you dress up so nicely?"
He didn't have an answer to that one. 
At that point I was convinced that subsidized housing was our only option... a janitor?
Oh well.

Well, that was my story. It truly opened my eyes because I thought that he was going for some high end job... but I guess it doesn't matter what he is doing so long as it provides an income for the family until he graduates.  I just was NOT expecting that. It makes me giggle now.

This is a picture of Jed when we were dating! (So cute!)  
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Heidi and Eric Kowallis said...

Oh I am glad to here he has a job. Being poor isn't fun but sometimes the Lord can teach us things he couldn't if we were rich. College life will end one day ;) Thanks for your story I hope everything works out!

Liana said...

Hehe, that is a funny story! I'd be freaking out too. But hey, you won't be poor forever! :) We are graduated though and still poor, but that's ok right? :) Jordon's jobless, we're waiting to get into subsidized housing, trying to figure out an internship or job for the summer while waiting to start grad school... oh the fun of being poor church mice in school! We miss you guys and hope you are having fun in CA!