oh boy here we go again...

Here I am, sitting in the chair in my living room. T.y.p.i.n.g. as my baby is crying. He's in his crib for nap time but he obviously disagrees.  Hopefully in a couple of minutes he'll calm down enough for me to help him fall asleep. I'm curious as to whether or not he is standing at the edge yet. Would you like to discover that with me?
Yep, just what I thought.

Of course, even when he's in the middle of protesting with crying, he has time to smile.  I don't think I have ever met anyone that has been so happy to see me. It never fails. Every time I reappear in the room, he can't help but light up with a smile.
There, he's asleep now.  Now I don't feel like such a bad mom.

When I was thinking about what I was going to write, I was going to say something like "Being a mother is hard because no matter what you do, you hardly ever get a thank-you." Something along those lines anyway.

But now I disagree... sure, Baby Jed doesn't thank me verbally... but I believe that behind the smiles, cuddles, and hugs are ALL the Thank you's and I love You's even an adult couldn't give.

Motherhood is so worth it.

An example: This morning, around 2:30am, Baby Jed starts whimpering from a bad dream... I try to see if he'll cry it out, but to no avail. I go in there around 2:45 and he's still whimpering, so I  pick him up and sit down with him in the rocking chair... he goes straight to his comfy spot-  his head on my shoulder, his arms around my neck, his fingers in my hair.  But actually for the first time, I noticed that he was caressing my hair.  I've never noticed it before so I don't know if this was the first time or not. Usually when he touches my hair in  the day time, it's a play toy.  Yanking, tugging, eating.  But last night he just was petting my hair... sounds weird but it was so precious and touched my heart.  At that moment, I wasn't sick anymore, I wasn't exhausted, I wasn't hungry or cramping. I was just happy to be there holding him; helping him fall back asleep.
Once again,
Motherhood is so worth it.


Baby Mele! (and my semi-new haircut)

Currently an inch long, Baby Mele is 9 weeks! He/she is due December 30th! We're soOo happy to welcome another baby into our family. I love ultrasounds, they are so sweet!  I love seeing the little baby jiggle and dance, and also watching the heart beat.  So magical!  I'm falling in love with this new Mele already!
Here is the picture my sister has been asking for! She's been waiting so patiently to see my hair cut that I got in April. So it's semi-new. :)  Note: It's bedtime and I'm tired... a better one will come later... I promise! 

Good Night!


Hawaii-Five O

He is growing up so fast!

On June 7th, he will be 8 months old... 8 months!? Where did all that time go?  Well, I'm glad that he's not a newborn, but I sure do wish he would sleep more like one.  Hopefully when Baby Mele (#2) comes, he/she will be a good sleeper for mommy like Baby Jed was. He never slept through the night, (still doesn't) but he loved his naps.... now he is a little less willing :)

QUESTION! So those of you that have had two babies ... how did you find time to sleep? Did you enlist the constant help of your hubby, a parent, or friend? Or did you live like a zombie for 4+ months?

I'm curious to see how it will turn out in December... thoughts such as "Who is going to watch lil Jed while I'm at the hospital?" and "How am I going to hold two kids at the grocery store?" keep popping up in my mind.

Hmmmm... think think think

Big Jed's still job searching, his interview at the Credit Union showed no results, neither did Wells Fargo as of yet ... hmmph- someday he'll strike a chord with somebody. Until then, thank goodness we are cloth diapering. We would surely go under if we had to buy $40+ in diapers a month. 

OH! I want to share the wonderful news! My oldest sister Heidi is engaged! She is such an accomplished woman, I'm so proud of her! She just graduated with her Master's in Psychology... WHOA! 
I'm still waiting for details about when the wedding is and such, but I bet everything is just going to be wonderful! She's such a blessed girl! Congratulations, Heidi!


Some more info on Baby #2!

Well, first of all I would love to say THANK YOU to all who have been so supportive of our growing family! It has been sO sweet to read all the comments our friends have posted.  We are super stoked to have another baby and it is so cool to know all of you feel the same way too!

Sooo... here are some questions that I have been asked in the past few days since we have announced the coming of our newest little one.

When are you due?  I'm not quite sure! Anywhere from Dec. 20th-Jan 4th
How far along are you?  Once again, I'm not positive on that one.  Probably 6-8 weeks.
Was it planned? Of course!
Do you want a boy or girl? No offense, Lil Jed, but I really want a baby girl this time.
Are you feeling okay?  I wish this could be a happy answer!  I'm really nauseous, but can keep my food down with Zofran-lovely stuff... gives me a headache though.
How far apart will Baby Jed and Baby #2 be?  16-17 months.  (I think) Baby Jed will be about a year and a half when Baby #2 is born.
Are you nervous?  Like no other!
When is your first baby appointment? JUNE! I'm stoked!

Stay tuned for more info!


7 months!

Like he actually needs the chair... what a doll!

Happy 7 Months little guy!

The Cat's out of the Bag!

Yes, It's True! We're having Baby #2!

We found out about two weeks ago...

I wasn't feeling myself and breakfast just wasn't tasting right.  Jed noticed my new picky eating and said: "Madeline, I think you're pregnant..."

Pause for a Moment

Need a lift?
Pause for a moment to Watch This...


The Nature Park

Step on over to the Nature Park with us today!

And meet some of our new friends:

Do you like our new found friends? They were very fun to be around. Baby Jed didn't quite know what to do with himself- so he just sat and stared while mom was having fun with the camera! 


eyes see you!


Enter the giveaway

Scraps of Life was sweet enough to host a giveaway for The Shabby Vanity.  I'm offering full blog makeovers to  three winning participants.   I'm excited to see the results of this and to see who wins!

Everyone can enter! So go visit Scraps of Life and Enter the Giveaway!


super sweet!

My friend Terri sells the SWEETEST Baby Booties and Headbands.   Can you believe how sweet these are? Makes me want a baby girl, just so I can dress her up in this matching set titled: 


Visit the blog where she sells them and order some today!


Some exciting news!

The tip of baby Jed's bottom left tooth cut in today! I expect the rest of the tooth will follow tomorrow!  Or I sure do hope so, at least. I wouldn't want the little guy to be in any more pain than he has to be.  Can you imagine? Poor little boy has probably never experienced so much pain before.  It must be very new to him.  Hopefully, Mom and Dad can help him experience joy too!  That's what life is about!

Another one!

I'm so excited that my friend let me design a blog for her. She makes church ties for baby boys and wants to open a blog for them.  So we worked together until it was finished. Now all she has to do is start!

Well, the reason why I brought this up is because she thought it would be a great idea to have a picture of her lil Keagan  in a tie on the header at the top of the blog. And so we did a mini photo shoot. I was excited because it was a great opportunity to practice with my new camera!

Here are some cute pictures we captured...