The Cat's out of the Bag!

Yes, It's True! We're having Baby #2!

We found out about two weeks ago...

I wasn't feeling myself and breakfast just wasn't tasting right.  Jed noticed my new picky eating and said: "Madeline, I think you're pregnant..."

"Pregnant!" I gasped.."Bahaha, no- you just made the orange juice wrong and eggs are too cold and slimy."
He replied: "But the eggs just came off the stove... and besides you said the same thing yesterday."

"But remember, I already took a test at the clinic two weeks ago and it came out negative. So I can't be."

"Well, I still think you are."

"Alright then, I'll take a test in the morning."

So, the next morning finally rolls around and I spaced. I didn't remember to take the test until about 11:00... it was different this time.  I wasn't excited to find out. I didn't expect a positive answer, I knew it would be negative.  All the other times I was giddy and happy to see a positive result only to find a negative one.

But like I said this time was different.  I expected a negative answer... then I did a double take at the results... Positive? but...but...  !?               i'm pregnant?

Flood of emotions and thoughts came through my mind.... 

How do I break it to Jed?  What will my Mom say? How are we going to afford another baby?  Isn't this what I wanted?  What if I get sick again?  How will this pregnancy be different now that I have a little guy? Will I be able to take care of two babies?  When am I due?  How far apart will they be?  What will Jed think?  Will people think I'm irresponsible for having two kids so close together? Am I ready for this?

After a couple of minutes my thoughts subsided and then I knew: It would all be okay. Our family was growing and this is how it is supposed to be. The Lord will provide.

"...and this is how it is supposed to be."


ryan and jessica said...

congratualtions! your little guy is so cute how can you not want another?! i hope it is a boy, boys are cute to have so close together, like best buds! (and then you would already have everything you need!) anyway, i am happy for you both!

Terri Lindsay said...

Woo Hoo, Congrats!!! So how far a long are you, when are you due??? Ahh so fun! I am way excited for you guy!

Heidi said...

Congrats dear little sista!

Another boy would provide great companionship for Jed Jr., but a little girl would be oh so fun to dress and she could have an older brother!

Can't wait to hear the names you are cooking up!

Mariana Lopez said...

CONGRATULATIONSS!!!! (: (: ohh gosh another baby! maybe right now you dont see it but im pretty sure that your new little one will need Jed there all the time and in the future when they're both in High School they will be of great suppor to each other (: (:

I love you and you will do just fine! (:

Youre in my prayers darling! (:

Heidi and Eric Kowallis said...

AHH Maddie! That is so crazy! I am really excited for you! I hope everything is going well. How far apart will they be? What gender are you hoping for? Are you feeling okay? If anyone can handle it you can. You are such a good Mommy. I always think Jed is older because you are so relaxed and seem to have everything under control. Love ya and wish you the best!