Hawaii-Five O

He is growing up so fast!

On June 7th, he will be 8 months old... 8 months!? Where did all that time go?  Well, I'm glad that he's not a newborn, but I sure do wish he would sleep more like one.  Hopefully when Baby Mele (#2) comes, he/she will be a good sleeper for mommy like Baby Jed was. He never slept through the night, (still doesn't) but he loved his naps.... now he is a little less willing :)

QUESTION! So those of you that have had two babies ... how did you find time to sleep? Did you enlist the constant help of your hubby, a parent, or friend? Or did you live like a zombie for 4+ months?

I'm curious to see how it will turn out in December... thoughts such as "Who is going to watch lil Jed while I'm at the hospital?" and "How am I going to hold two kids at the grocery store?" keep popping up in my mind.

Hmmmm... think think think

Big Jed's still job searching, his interview at the Credit Union showed no results, neither did Wells Fargo as of yet ... hmmph- someday he'll strike a chord with somebody. Until then, thank goodness we are cloth diapering. We would surely go under if we had to buy $40+ in diapers a month. 

OH! I want to share the wonderful news! My oldest sister Heidi is engaged! She is such an accomplished woman, I'm so proud of her! She just graduated with her Master's in Psychology... WHOA! 
I'm still waiting for details about when the wedding is and such, but I bet everything is just going to be wonderful! She's such a blessed girl! Congratulations, Heidi!


Heidi said...

Thank you Madeline! You are so sweet!

follett family said...

madeline and jed,
found your post by a comment you left on Katie's blog! so fun to look at your pictures and lil' jed is just about the cutest baby ive seen in along time! hope all is well with you, we will be moving closer to you this summer (somewhere between slc and provo) kenny is already up there working and hope you will come and visit us when we get there! madeline,the blessings of having more children always outweigh how hard it is! im so happy for you guys, im sure you make wonderful parents! love jane

Allen Family said...

I'm guessing my Dad bought that shirt for lil' Jed. Am I right? :) Looks like something he would pick out. Justin had a couple hawaiian shirts from Grandpa Phil when he was a baby too.

Don't worry about all the questions that keep popping up in your head about having 2 babies/kids. Just enjoy your pregnancy and the time you have with just Jed Jr. Everything will work out. You guys are great parents.

Good luck to big Jed on finding a job! And hope Mommy is feeling good.