Some more info on Baby #2!

Well, first of all I would love to say THANK YOU to all who have been so supportive of our growing family! It has been sO sweet to read all the comments our friends have posted.  We are super stoked to have another baby and it is so cool to know all of you feel the same way too!

Sooo... here are some questions that I have been asked in the past few days since we have announced the coming of our newest little one.

When are you due?  I'm not quite sure! Anywhere from Dec. 20th-Jan 4th
How far along are you?  Once again, I'm not positive on that one.  Probably 6-8 weeks.
Was it planned? Of course!
Do you want a boy or girl? No offense, Lil Jed, but I really want a baby girl this time.
Are you feeling okay?  I wish this could be a happy answer!  I'm really nauseous, but can keep my food down with Zofran-lovely stuff... gives me a headache though.
How far apart will Baby Jed and Baby #2 be?  16-17 months.  (I think) Baby Jed will be about a year and a half when Baby #2 is born.
Are you nervous?  Like no other!
When is your first baby appointment? JUNE! I'm stoked!

Stay tuned for more info!

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Allen Family said...

Just checked your blog. Congratulations!!! I love having my kids close together and seeing them interact and play together. It's the sweetest. I'm a big believer that these sweet little ones come to our families on the Lord's time (not always ours). Everything happens for a reason. So happy for your little family! Hope the nausea passes quickly.