A baby dress!

I plugged in my old sewing machine to try to practice and get better at making things... however, it's so old, it just blew the circuits. And the only way to reset the circuits is if I unplug it.  And if I plug it back in... well, it just starts all over again. 

So I called a friend that actually knew what she was doing as far sewing goes. I went over and she helped me make a baby jumper dress.  I used some old fabric that my mom gave to me to practice on. This fabric was on my bed's headboard when I was in 2nd grade... so it's pretty old. :)
I hope I can get a machine that will actually let me practice and make some more cute things.  Until then, I'm at the mercy of generous friends! Thank you, Terri!

Much love,

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Terri Lindsay said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh! You put the dress on Jed!!! I am so proud of you! And it looks like it fits pretty good too. Come over anytime, I had a lot of fun.