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I thought I would share this opportunity with all of my family-blog readers as well!
I have started The Shabby Vanity (a blog design blog, lol)  a couple of months ago and am loving it! I recently re-designed mine... it has come a long way.

  I specialize in Custom Design work, even though there are a few free blog backgrounds on the main page.
Here are some examples of blogs that I have designed recently:

 Cute, huh!

And so for a little while, those that visit theshabbyvanity.blogspot.com and vote for their favorite free blog background, get %50 off ONE Custom Design Element.

As far as pricing goes, I haven't seen anyone that has offered lower prices than me.
My Full Blog Makeover Package costs $50... only!
Other top-designers charge well over $150.

For a smaller example... A Custom Design Header somewhere else (can't say names) cost $30!!
Mine only cost $7.


Why so cheap? I don't believe it should cost an arm and a leg to get a cute blog that reflects the purpose of why you started blogging in the first place. The look of your blog should inspire you/your readers.  Make sense?

So leave a comment here. Tell me what you think- suggestions, critique, ideas.
(Even if you think it's rude to talk about this on my family blog, lol)  

Love you all!

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