So far every morning this week I have gone walking around the neighborhood with some pretty sweet ladies.  They are so much fun to walk with.   We all bring our little ones with us.  a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a 9 month old.  I plan on continuing to walk and learn with them.

Last week Jed's family came into town to visit.  They loved playing with the little guy, however he got a little overwhelmed at times. I'm glad they came because the oldest daughter is leaving soon for a mission. We are going to miss her so much. However, she'll be a great missionary in New Hampshire.

This week also my dad has come to visit.  He loves spending time with baby Jed. And of course the little guy loves the attention. I've learned some very good lessons this week from his stay.

Baby Jed is standing up and is so energetic sometimes, and other times he's just blah. A pretty sweet mellow baby. He is teething four teeth at once but still pretty positive about the whole thing!

Jed is still searching for an internship. Hopefully something will come up. We've already sold our contract so we have to move, but we might just be moving upstairs if Jed doesn't get accepted for anything...

I'm 14 weeks pregnant today. Boy do I feel it too. I'm so tired all the time and I'm getting killer headaches at night... but that's what medicine is for right? At least for the headache! The baby pudge from my first pregnancy is stepping aside for this new baby belly.

I saw Eclipse today, and I did like it... however some parts of the movie did make me uncomfortable. I just felt like I was invading on someone's life- like I didn't need to know how much they loved each other and in what ways.   But that's just me, I guess.

There was a Relief Society service activity last night that was so much fun.  The girls that I go to church with are so sweet. I love spending time with them.  In fact, tonight we plan on playing "Pit" the card game and eating left over snacks from yesterday's activity. I hope it works out.

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