life is crazy!

I can't wait for Jed to get home! I miss him so much during the day. It was so sweet to have him with me this past 3 day weekend.  Just one more hour and he'll be here again!

This morning I woke up to the baby crying thinking that it was still 8:00 at night and that I had 8 hours until the next day started.  I seriously was convinced of it! I got up to change the baby's diaper and give him a bottle so he would go back to bed, but then when I looked at the clock and it said 5:39  my whole brain rocketed forward nine hours in less that 2 milliseconds. Talk about a roller coaster ride... that was intense! I was mystified by how my whole night's rest had disappeared. No memory of dreams, no baby up at the middle of the night, no feeling of an empty stomach when I awoke.   That was a different start to my day today.

Our fourth of July was spent at Grandma's house. Grandma didn't have a crib nor a play pen-and neither did we. So the first night we were there, baby Jed slept on the floor wrapped up in a blanket. Well- I say slept, but he didn't. Not really.  So the next day we drove to the closest town with a KMart and bought a simple pack'n'play. I thought, "This should work as a crib." Boy was I wrong. The first couple of naps in it were great, however after that it was mayhem. Even if he was in my arms completely out- the second I started to go for the pack'n'play and laid him down, he was wide awake screaming. I really think he's afraid of that thing. So night time he slept with us. And yes, he did sleep. His face on my face, his feet on Jed's face.  Can you imagine the drool that rained down on me during those few nights. It was quite gross! So when we finally got home yesterday, the first thing I did was lay him down in his crib. He must have really felt sleep-deprived because he slept for nearly 4 or 5 hours.  And he woke up right before bedtime, so I gave him a bottle and then he was out... (obviously, according to my second story) until 5:39 the next morning.

Life is crazy!

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