a new found love

Baby Jed loves furry, electronic toys.  He is flabbergasted with Elmo, and the little Yellow Duck that sings "I don't want to be a chicken, I don't want to be a duck...."  

Baby Jed is about 9 months old now.  Woowee, he's growing up so fast.  What's new?
He's almost done teething his top four teeth I have been telling you about. Who knows how much he weighs, he hasn't been weighed since he was 6 months I think.  He enjoys going on walks with me every morning and seeing the other kids.
I'm pretty sure he's down to 2-3 naps now... that fourth nap has definitely been dropped.  
He's still sporting around his cloth diapers. We're still going strong... but of course I have my doubts when he has an extra mushy diaper.  But they only stay mushy for a little bit, and then they come squeaky clean. 

We are definitely going to use these cloth diapers for this new little man.  Maybe not the first few weeks (that meconium is pretty sticky), but definitely after the first month. 

I'm 15 weeks and a few days along with the new guy. I'll post the picture of the ultrasound later... once I find where baby Jed hid it... hmmm where did that thing go? 

It was funny... we told one of our cousins at the family reunion that we were pregnant... and she said: "Again?"


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