A phase?

I really think little Jed needs a playmate... he seriously is in a stage where it's hard to play by himself.  Just a week ago he was fine rummaging around the house finding his toys.  But maybe it's just a phase, I don't know.  But it's constantly: Mommy, play with me! Mommy, watch me! Mommy, let me chew on your toe! Mommy Mommy Mommy!  (or mama mama mama AHHHH! in his language)
Trying to climb in my lap.

And Mommy is pretty busy sometimes! So you can only imagine that when I'm working or cleaning he is right there tugging at my legs or slapping my computer trying to get my attention.

For instance... today he just out right pulled the cord to my computer.  Of course everything on my computer went bye bye for a while.  Then I looked at the time and sure enough it was nap time. (Thank you, clock!)

Then baby went bye bye to nap in his crib.  I was discussing with a my walking buddy how I am a firm believer that naps are just as good for baby as they are for mommies.

However, I will say that the other day he took a three hour nap and I just didn't know what to do with myself.  So I sat on the couch and stared at my feet.  Just waiting for him to wake up....
...and waiting.... and waiting....

and waiting.....


glimpse #3

here is what is happening with us right now. yep... right now.

Daddy Jed:
driving a compost truck across a farmer's field.
sweating bullets because there is no air-conditioning in the truck
I'm sure he could really use a sandwich right now.

Mommy Madeline:
sitting on the living room burgundy couch thinking about getting a babysitter for tonight
wishing her nail polish wasn't chipped
feels light headed from the last silly braxton hicks contraction

Lil Jed:
dreaming of pulling mommy's hair no doubt
sleeping in his clean crib... sheets just got washed!
his door is actually open (normally he is too light of a sleeper to allow that)

Baby Jay:
who knows, he's doing his own thing.

make up your mind

"Mommy, I'm not going to smile until you take me outside."

"Never mind. The grass is wet."

"Run away!"

Haha! Mommy caught you!

There is that smile!

Look how big his eyes are!

Baby Jay is in there...
Belly shot, 22 weeks 1 day


i know, i know!

Okay, sappy sap, blah blah blah...

But I just can't help myself!  I love looking at our photos of our wedding day. For many reasons...

1.  We were both so skinny. (ha!)
2. We were so in love! (still are, don't worry!)
3. We were so giddy and nervous, so happy and just couldn't believe that the day had finally come!

4. Oh, and it was really pretty outside with all the snow!

Ahhh, forever is a long time... thank goodness!


The Freebie Junkie

I don't know if you have heard about Angela's blog... but she tells you about awesome deals that she finds on the web.  She recently won the Blog Giveaway at Belly Charms- the one that was supposed to help raise money for Sandi.  It was great to work with her as we completely redesigned her blog.  Read what she has to say about it:

this morning

The poor lil guy is still sick. But he has a good attitude about it... which makes it so much easier!

Back in April, we did a photo shoot of the Mele family at Rich Miller's Photography Studio and I was recently given the website where we can look at proofs and decide which one we want...

Would you like to see them to? Remember, you can click on them to get a better view:

Baby Jed: 6 months
I love that kid.... 

It's amazing to see how much they change in just a few months...  



Today has been such a long day.  Since Jed is gone so much now- (it's 7:17pm and he's STILL not home), I almost feel like a single mom during the day!  Having to do everything by myself.  Poor little Jed didn't even see his daddy today.  I really do appreciate him working for us- but it just gets hard!

It's the seven-week break here in this college town... and almost all my friends that I see regularly are gone. All but ONE!  (Thank you for being here, you know who you are!) I'M SO LONELY.

little Jed had a fever today, no wonder he was so fussy.  It was a kind of random cherry on the cake... the big, lonely, long cake.

And big Jed not being home right now... (its 7:23pm!!) is the sprinkles.

On the Cake.


Am I wimp, or what?

Am I the only one that misses my husband when he's working all day long? How do other housewives do it?

Did I just get used to him at home all the time when he didn't have a job or wasn't in class?

Or is it just the fact that he's working 12 hour shifts every day, 6 days a week?

Probably both I think. Don't you think?


Messy High Chair Afternoon

I know some of these pictures are out of focus... but I just wanted to share our messy high-chair afternoon with you.  It was very fun to see his different facial expressions. Those bananas must have gotten to his head.

At least his feet were clean!
I love reminiscing about our wedding day, the receptions, and everything inbetween!
A friend of mine posted as her Facebook status: "There's nothing like the love that lets us share our name"

It's so true!


Before our morning walk

I love the little Izod sweatshirt that Baby Jed wore this morning on our walk... it looked so cute on him. Unfortunately, you can't get a very good view of it from these pictures... but you didn't come here to look at sweatshirts... haha.  

Come on, lil guy! Can you  not crack a smile for the camera?

The tiny picture below is sOO funny! For some reason it makes me laugh... I don't know if it's just the face he's making or the shape his mouth is in... I just giggle when I see it.  I thought you might giggle too.

Don't worry, you can click on it for a larger view... Go ahead!
(From now on, you can always click on my pictures for a larger view and it will open a viewing box in the same window... Yay for HTML!)


newborn babies are so tiny!

When I quickly dropped by a friends house that just had her baby, I got to hold her precious little one.  It reminded me of when my first little baby was born... 

Sometimes I think "I can't imagine that in only four short months I'll be in that hospital again, holding a newborn baby."  
I forget how small they are because I also forget that Baby Jed is on his way to being a toddler... in only two shorter months he technically won't be a baby anymore... sometimes I just assume that he's stayed the same size because I still hold him like this in my arms to get him to fall asleep for bed time.

sweet memories

no longer called baby #2

I am so happy that we've decided on our second baby boy's name... it will be so nice to be able to call him by name now!

It's so funny- figuring out his name this time happened the same way it did with Little Jed... just thinking through names while busy doing other things... then I come across the combination of a first and middle name... sound it out with the last name a couple of times, then I realize that THAT's his name.

I was standing in the kitchen making dinner for a friend, then I knew that our second baby's name is Robert Jay Mele.

We'll call him by his middle name Jay for the time being... I love the sound of Baby Jay...


life never goes how you want it to

Maybe it is just the time in our life right now... going through college and trying to plan the rest of our lives.  Every day it seems like we are considering a different option as far as career choices for big Jed, I don't even know when he'll graduate now...

I for sure thought Jed would land a suitable internship for his degree this upcoming semester... but instead we are going to put off the internship for a nice paying job... many thanks to the sweet family that mentioned this opportunity for us.  It will be such a blessing to be making money again!

I look at our finances and think... how in the world did our bills get paid?  

But enough of that... we are being blessed and are so grateful.

I guess I'm just trying to say... life never goes how you want it to... or maybe it turns out different than you planned- but it all works out in the end!  The Lord blesses us in unexpected ways!

p.s. Want to see a recent blog I've designed?  Then visit www.thescrapbookingqueen.com


Sandi's Fight for her Life

I want to tell you all real quick that Belly Charms {the blog} is hosting a Full Blog Makeover Giveaway from the Shabby Vanity (my blog design blog). 

This giveaway is for Sandi, who is fighting brain cancer. All proceeds go to her to help her pay for all the medical treatments that are helping her live!

Click here to view more details about the giveaway... even if you don't want a makeover for your blog- see if you can donate to help this wonderful young woman.


Mid Pregnancy Ultrasound

I was So excited that we got to see baby #2 again in an ultrasound! I really think those are my favorite parts of doctor visits.  It's just so neat!

This is a profile of our future addition to the family, on track to be born December 30th!


Projects I've been working on lately

Sorry I don't have pictures for the time being... only a list.  These are things that I'm working on or have already finished.

  • Baby #2's crocheted blessing blanket.
  • a  black maternity shirt
  • living room window valances
  • scripture tote

Crafts on my to-do list

  • a kitchen apron
  • Christmas table runner
  • Autumn ribbon wreath
  • Halloween tea towels

As soon as I get pictures, I'll be sure to post them. It's no fun if I can't show you!
I really do love crafting... but it is challenging to try to learn new things all in the 2 hour slot of nap time.
Which reminds me about my classes I'm starting in the Fall... they are online, so I can stay home with my son... but STILL. I'll need much more strength than just my own if I'm going to be successful in completing the courses.  This will be my third year of college... eek.

So I better craft now while I have the chance!

p.s. Do you have any cute craft projects that I can do?  I love new ideas!



Grrr.. I want to vent. Why? I don't know.


There, I'm done. That feels much better.


more pictures of the wedding

Knudsen Doughtery Wedding

You can click to view more pictures that I took if you like :)

another glimpse

Here is another glimpse at the four of us today...

Daddy Jed:
Right this very moment he is attacking someone's backyard with a roto-tiller. (is that how you spell it?)
Got a job!
Decided not to do an internship this next semester after all...

I am eating an apple. The green sour kind that makes your tummy twist.(or maybe that is baby #2?)
Is enrolled to keep on truckin' towards my degree.

Baby Jed:
He is slumbering away in his crib.
Is almost ten months old.
Danced to Mickey Mouse this morning.

Baby #2:
He is enjoying kicking me in the stomach. He must want some of this apple.
Will be my study companion this upcoming Fall semester as I tackle some classes.




Baby Jed's middle name is Lambert... just like his daddy.  His dad, however, was named after Jack Lambert from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  10 months ago we got this Steelers outfit as a gift, and he finally fits in it now. 


He's standing all by himself! He'll be walking in no time. Pray for me.

You know me, I couldn't leave you with a picture of him not smiling!