Am I wimp, or what?

Am I the only one that misses my husband when he's working all day long? How do other housewives do it?

Did I just get used to him at home all the time when he didn't have a job or wasn't in class?

Or is it just the fact that he's working 12 hour shifts every day, 6 days a week?

Probably both I think. Don't you think?


Brady & Kelsey said...

You are not alone! I miss Brady terribly! We text/call each other at least once every hour. 12 hour shifts are awful :( Hang in there!

Cassidy said...

haha You are just normal! I totally miss Darian all day! It took awhile to get used to him being gone all day everyday. At least you have that adorable little Jed to play with!

Mary said...

Ahhh! I have been there! And the worst part is you are so excited when they get home that you forget they are covered in manure until AFTER you kiss em and hug em. Hang in there!

Lily said...

I think you're just in love ;)

After almost 12 years, if I sepnd a few days with husb at home, I miss him so much when he goes back to work, I tell him I fall in love with him when he's on vacay LOL

The Mele's said...

Lily, it's so true! Mondays are always hard because I'm used to him being with me all day Sunday.