another glimpse

Here is another glimpse at the four of us today...

Daddy Jed:
Right this very moment he is attacking someone's backyard with a roto-tiller. (is that how you spell it?)
Got a job!
Decided not to do an internship this next semester after all...

I am eating an apple. The green sour kind that makes your tummy twist.(or maybe that is baby #2?)
Is enrolled to keep on truckin' towards my degree.

Baby Jed:
He is slumbering away in his crib.
Is almost ten months old.
Danced to Mickey Mouse this morning.

Baby #2:
He is enjoying kicking me in the stomach. He must want some of this apple.
Will be my study companion this upcoming Fall semester as I tackle some classes.


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Janae' said...

I really need to do these mini updates! I might actually get caught back up again :) Love it!